Kendall Jenner’s award-winning tequila brand has finally launched in Australia. Credit: Supplied

A party guest who shows up unannounced is not typically welcome. What then can be said for Kendall Jenner’s award-winning spirit brand, 818 Tequila, which has just landed on Australian shores with little to know warning?

Announced today, the supermodel turned super mogul will be rolling out her four-piece label across select stores, before welcoming the B Corp-certified brand in all participating Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market retailers across the country.

“We are thrilled to be launching in Australia and we hope that 818 will find success here as it has all over the world,” said Jenner, the reality star and entrepreneur who silently launched the brand into the world in 2021.

“818 is all about a sense of community and bringing people together, and we think our ethos aligns perfectly with the Australian consumer.”

Of course, given Jenner’s penchant for Australian labels like St. Agni, we’re manifesting the star making a stopover down under so we can toast the launch in person.

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Indeed, the sweltering months ahead are typically reserved for Spicy Margaritas by the beach or slinky Paloma at our favourite rooftop bars. And thanks to the arrival of the spirit, our appetites for the ultra-smooth Mexican spirit have been quenched tenfold.

Named after the area code of Calabasas, the exclusive Californian neighbourhood the star grew up in, the brand is the brainchild of Jenner who had the ambitious goal of delivering a suite of contemporary spirits for the modern drinker, all while paying respect to the traditional methods of production.

The mission took 3.5 years and resulted in three staple tequila blends, 818 Tequila Blanco, 818 Tequila Reposado and 818 Tequila Añejo, all hand-crafted in a family-owned and operated distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. A fourth product, Eight Reserve was launched in September 2022.

So, for those who have been sneaking back bottles of 818 from overseas trips (we see you!), sipping on Jenner’s prestige tequila brand has just been made simple. Below, is everything you need to know about the launch.

And in the words of Kendall herself, Bible it’s that good. 

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Can You Buy 818 Tequila In Australia?

Yes. As of October 4, Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila will be available to purchase nationwide. However, select Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market stores are already selling select bottles ahead of the rollout. All four of the products, including 818 Tequila Blanco, 818 Tequila Reposado, Añejo and Eight Reserve, will be retailing. 

Where Can You Buy 818 Tequila In Australia?

818 Tequila is available to purchase at participating retailers including Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market stores. The products will start at $100.


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What Are The Different Types Of 818 Tequila?

818 Tequila Blanco is an ultra-smooth blend with a brilliant platinum colour and a  bright and crisp citrus finish. Reminiscent of tropical holidays, sweet agave and vanilla notes tingle on the tongue while the mild floral and light aroma lingers in the light body. The tequila is rested in French oak barrels for three weeks, finishing with notes of almond, key lime pie, and toasted coconut.

818 Tequila Reposado is a ripe, roasted-agave taste layered with notes of caramel and vanilla. With the added complexities of meringue, honey and fruit accent aromas, the golden hue of the spirit leaves you with a smooth caramel finish courtesy of the bold notes of pecan pie.

818 Tequila Añejo is the most silky, rich and full-bodied of the 818 quartet. Boasting a deep and complex flavour profile, with notes of orange peel, chocolate, and toffee from ageing for over a year in oak barrels, the depth of the flavour is achieved best in sipping sessions, both neat and on the rocks.

Eight Reserve is an award-winning reserve blend of Añejo, with expressions aged one, three, and eight blended in French and American barrels that are bottled in a hand-crafted ceramic decanter. The blend itself is light amber, complimented by copper accents and a full body. With notes ranging from sultry black cherry to tangy orange peel, this is best enjoyed on finer occasions.