Credit: Instagram @woodstock

I am still undecided as to whether the famed – or faux – return of Woodstock is brilliant or a sheer logistical mess; maybe it’s both. In early January, original organiser of Woodstock Michael Lang announced the revival of the event for its 50th anniversary. Boasting a lineup including the likes of Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z, hype was expectedly building – that was until cracks begun to show.

Along with a slew of law suits, cancellations, venue changes and postponed ticket sales, in the latest development for the event, concert tickets are set to be free – that is if organisers pull it off. Reportedly relocated to Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, a rep for the festival told WTOP radio station that concert tickets to the three-day event would be free, though for only one-day admission.

“Merriweather requires ticketing,” a Woodstock 50 spokesperson told the radio station. “For the peaceful enjoyment of all, thoughtful logistical planning has taken place for Woodstock 50 at Merriweather.” The rep added that all the tickets would be for one-day-only admissions. “Tickets are for a single day,” said the spokesperson. “Tickets will be distributed through HeadCount, participating artists’ foundations and local charitable partnerships in D.C. and Baltimore.”

With a capacity of 32,500 people, there are new concerns over the safety of concert goers, workers and residents of the area. However, organisers of Woodstock 50 have told WTOP that safeguards are in place to ensure that hundreds of thousands of fans in search of a free ticket don’t descend on Columbia.

While it lends a new wave of optimism for the troubled event, last week reports surfaced that believed all artists lined up for the event were released from their contracts. Thus far, there hasn’t been a new proposed lineup.

Could this be reminiscent of the 1986 benefit concert, Live Aid? We really hope so. The event is scheduled for August 16 – 18.

Stay tuned for more.