Think back to when you first signed up to Facebook. It was mostly likely at least a decade ago. That’s more than ten years worth of link clicks, happy birthdays, saved pages, likes, status updates and photo shares all stored on what is now not so much a social network as it is a data mega-business.

This controversial storage (and subsequent sharing) of information has hit the headlines this week, with worldwide outrage over Facebook on-selling our private data.

But what do they really know? Fortunately, the breakdown of exactly what Facebook retains about you is documented here, in a widely unknown area called ‘Accessing Your Facebook Data’.

To access it go to, click on ‘Download Archive’ then wait until it’s ready. When it pops up click the ‘Download Archive’ again so that a zip file starts downloading to your computer.

The results are scary, but also scarily predictable, since we actively and openly punch this sort of information into our network every day/week/month. What’s more confronting is just how much is stored. The sheer volume of time and information we have invested in what was only ever meant to be a way to chat with friends.

At the very least its a lesson in knowing that big brother is watching, and remembering.