Credit: Instagram @jaimetoutcheztoi

The removal of the headphone jack was perhaps the biggest design overhaul of the fan favourite iPhone following the removal of the home button. Causing uproar amongst fans, longtime users of the brand as well as customers who chose to outsource headphones were forced to become a slave to the ‘dongle’ or opt for the far more expensive Apple EarPods. Nevertheless, the company’s loyal devotees followed the times, but now another controversial design move may be taking place.

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been an accurate predictor of the past iPhone models and while his word is not gospel, it is very possible that the lightening charge port that was first introduced in 2012 could see an impending disappearance. Reported by Business Insider, the Apple expert has predicted that 2021 could see the drastic new changes for a “completely wireless experience” on its most high-end model. This shift is believed to further distinguish the most expensive models from budget-friendly options. Among these, 2021 is predicted to see the iPhone SE which will have an edge-to-edge screen but no FaceID.

Another rumour that has circulated for the forthcoming iPhone 12 in recent months is the regression of the design to the iPhone 4. Concept renders from supposed early leaks suggest flat edges down the sides of the phones, rather than the curved design we have been accustomed too. The top notch is believe to be made smaller (thank goodness), while a fourth camera will be added to the phones capabilities allowing AR support on portrait mode when shooting video content.

So, is the change worth the potential loss of customers? Hard to say, but with Apple’s prestige reputation since the mid to late ’90s we can expect the change to be adopted quickly. And in turn, fellow smartphone manufacturers may follow suit.

Stay tuned for further developments.