Credit: Banksy

Elusive, anonymous and all-in-all, a statement maker. Banksy is the British artist who’s work can be seen in streets across the globe and while to some he is considered one of the greatest contemporary creatives of our time, its his political protests and activism that creates a name for himself. This time, the artist took to the Taibach area in South Wales with a new holiday mural.

Confirming he was responsible for the art on his Instagram earlier this week, its holiday theme hides a hidden political message. Emblazoned around the corner of a brick wall, one side of the depicts a child playing in the ‘snow’ like many children do at this time of year, however, when you round the corner the white flakes are revealed to be ash from a dumpster fire.

The hidden message pays homage to the industrial and steel works that surrounds the Port Talbot area, following its naming of the most polluted town in the UK, in a report by the World Health Organisation.

According to an article published by CNN, a Neath Port Talbot council spokesman said that they are sending officers to liaise with the property owner in order to assist in protecting the artwork but noted that the graffiti is on private property.