Some call Virgil Abloh a copycat but to many, the man who built streetwear label Off-White could be considered a master purveyor of appropriation. Less than 12 months after his appointment to the menswear sector of Louis Vuitton and the American-born designer unveiled his second collection for the fashion house in January – Fall/Winter 2019.

Boasting extravagant sets, curated music and dancers, it captured that world’s attention has he continues to rework the facade of Louis Vuitton Men’s. Albeit controversial thanks to strong Michael Jackson inspired threads – soon after the presentation, the late pop star was denounced by much of the industry after the launch of Leaving Neverland – Abloh was confidently cementing his position in luxury style.

Now, the French house has revealed a behind-the-scenes look at the six days leading up to its epic runway show. From the meticulous styling, to the playlist curation, set building and model choreography, Virgil Abloh is at the forefront of it all as he is inspired by the streets of New York. Seemingly calm as the days count down, his passion for creativity and the brand exudes through the micro-documentary.

Want an insight into what the preparation for a runway looks like? Tune into the video below.