Credit: Instagram @kendalljenner

In the latest instalment of completely unnecessary yet wildly entertaining internet challenges, the ‘bottle cap challenge’ has been making the rounds on Instagram. First there was John Mayer’s epic attempt and then a left-of-centre try from Mariah Carey and while global A-listers head to social media to join in – though we’re still waiting for Tom Cruise’s attempt – we think we’ve found a winner.

Following a nomination from Hailey Bieber – she managed to complete the challenge on a quad bike – Kendall Jenner was next on the roster and in true Kardashian style, it involved one bottle, a jet ski and a lime green bikini. In almost perfect form, the reality star-cum-model made a tight turn towards another boat and on one leg nipped the cap with her toe. As a seasoned skier, this looks easy however the skill to stay afloat while gracefully holding an arabesque we can imagine is harder than it looks.

Have we found the latest internet challenge? The ‘Kendall Jenner Jet Ski’ challenge? The Kardashian clan were the first to comment with Scott Disick crowning the family member as the challenge winner, “And that’s a wrap. Game over.”

Other celebrities to attempt the round house kick includes Justin Bieber, Diplo and Jason Statham while the likes of Lizzo and Ryan Reynolds failed in spectacular fashion.

Last year, the ten-year challenge made its way through social media and saw major throwbacks. Earlier this year, the Rihanna birthday challenge also made the rounds.

In case you missed any, scroll below for the best bottle cap attempts so far.