In classic Casio fashion, the renowned Japanese watchmaker has just dropped two new significant watches into their collection for 2022, one that pays homage to the 40th anniversary of the famed G-Shock, and one that pays respects to one of the most loveable video game characters of our time.

Firstly, Casio introduced a lineup of Flare Red watches for the official 40th anniversary of G-Shock – the renowned shock-resistant watch you likely owned growing up. Making its official debut in 1983, G-Shock overturned the idea of what was then considered a conventional wristwatch. With its unparalleled toughness and unique design, G-Shock won over watch fanatics worldwide –  a passion that continues to this day.

Now, this new commemorative watch lineup, the 40th-anniversary Flare Red models, including the MTG-B3000FR and GWG-2040FR, are the two new models every G-Shock lover should own. The design evokes solar flares, the massive eruptions of intense energy from the sun’s surface. To form the bezel, Casio used a newly developed technique to laminate carbon and coloured glass fibre sheets together. Phosphorescent particles are also added into this mix to create powerful designs that are stunning even in the dark. What results is each bezel has its own unique look, making it a special one-of-a-kind appearance.

Then, on the other side of the design spectrum, G-Shock levelled up with a new Super Mario Bros. designed timepiece, bringing back all those nostalgic feels. The model’s theme ties into G-Shock and Super Mario’s identity of being “up for any challenge.”

As you can so evidently see, the new DW5600SMB-4D model features heavy design elements from the classic Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros. This limited-edition timepiece represents the classic 1980s game through design and function and offers direct parallels between the tough capabilities of a G-Shock timepiece and that of the Super Mario protagonist. 

As for the watch itself, the first thing you’ll notice is its iconic square G-Shock design and silhouette. The bezel and dial are adorned in a Mario-red colour and when turning on the backlight, the classic ‘Mario’ is displayed. To commemorate the collaboration, the watch comes with its own special packaging with an illustration of the opening screen of the iconic game, as well as Mario’s signature phrase, “Here we go!”

The DW5600SMB-4D G-Shock x Super Mario Bros. timepiece has a RRP of $299.00 and will be available for purchase late November 2022 at select retailers as well as