Daniel Arsham is a pretty talented guy. Actually, being talented would be an understatement. The 41-year-old American interdisciplinary artist is somewhat of a creative genius, having worked with the likes of Hedi Slimane, Kim Jones, Pharrell Williams and Adidas in his illustrious career to date.

He co-founded the wildly interesting architecture firm, Snarkitecture, which is best known for investigating the ‘unknown within architecture’, and his work exists in between the landscapes of art, architecture, and performance. It’s no surprise, then, that Arsham has now decided to add ‘fashion label’ to his repertoire.


Objects IV Life is the name of Arsham’s new label, which he aims to design and provide ‘Uniforms for a Creative Life’. From an initial glimpse of the collection to come, you can see it is denim-heavy, with looks evidently inspired by vintage and Americana style, but also by principles of timelessness and craftsmanship.

“Object IV Life is an endless assembly of research, inquiry and exploration. Objects IV Life comprises foundation pieces intending to build a wardrobe of uniforms for a creative way of life,” Arsham explained via Instagram.

“Designed between New York City and London, all garments are made in Portugal and Los Angeles with custom hardware coming from Italy. For the denim and holdall bag we used a technical innovation to transform dead-stock materials from the past into objects of the future.”

Arsham goes on to say that developing his own clothing label is much like alchemy and the way he thinks about sculpture. They are clothes that resemble craftsmanship and innovative processes that minimise waste, and ultimately, they are clothes that Arsham himself feels most comfortable in.

Arsham’s first collection is now available to shop via the Objects IV Life site, and include everyday utliatiarian-inspired staples like wide-leg denim jeans, moleskin shirt jackets, basic tees and hardware keychains constructed utilising recycled fabric scraps and multi coloured metals that will develop a unique patina over time.