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By now, the department stores are lined with tinsel, fairy lights are draped across the neighbourhood, and no matter where you seem to go, Mariah Carey’s smash hit ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is humming in the background. While the coming weeks play spotlight on family and friends and the seemingly endless festivities that arrive with the season, it also creates the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Because all we want for Christmas this year, is Dior Sauvage.

Reimagining a classic scent, Dior Sauvage is ushering in a renewed era for the fragrance, Sauvage Parfum. Like the summer evenings that float across Australia during Christmas, Dior pays homage to the deep, blue-tinged nights. Inspired by the intense scent of a crackling fire, the woody, resin-filled smoke wafts with the breeze while the men’s parfum defines a new territory for men – the one who has chosen the magical escape of quiet, open spaces. Created with the fearless adventurer in mind, the fragrance sees François Demachy push the limits and amplify the signature freshness and longevity for not only summer, but beyond the season.

Credit: Supplied

Despite a sense of warmth drawn from it woody base – a considered concoction of organic, dry amber core with a “sage” emphasised by a leather accord – it reveals a surprising tang and freshness. This is found within a zesty whirlwind of Bergamot from Reggio di Calabria, the veritable signature-introduction of Sauvage. Quickly, the scent envelopes into a new note of pulpy Mandarin and Cardamom. Powerful Elemi creates an extension of sensuality. For a sweet addition, milky and surprising notes of Virginia Cedar and “candied” raspberry create welcomed depth to the vivacious scent. Considered brand new in the Dior Sauvage universe, oriental notes are also blended to the revered fragrance – think bitter Tonka Bean and smoky facets of Papuan Vanilla-Absolute – for a velvety finish. And with a new highly-concentrated perfume, Sauvage enters uncharted territory of masculinity and reveals an almost intoxicating quality to the bottled fragrance.

As with its past iterations, the Sauvage Parfum bottle is recognised by its clean curves and opaque blue tinge, reminiscent of the deep night. Sauvage shines with a new metallic glimmer, conveying the full opulence of its new scent.

Treat yourself with the gift of Dior Sauvage this Christmas.

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