Model wears Dreamers Lucid Sleep Blue + Green Light Blocking Eyewear in Tortoise Shell, SHOP NOW

Remember those Boeing metal giants that glide through the sky? Aeroplanes, I think they call them. Well, a few years BC (before COVID), twin models – and health and wellness exuberants – Jordan and Zac Stenmark were working and travelling the world. With insane schedules across several timezones (and a mandate to look good all the time), the brothers were often given tiny, irregular pockets of time to sleep, usually while high in the sky.

“I could not sleep at all on planes,” says Jordan. “We’d be flying across the globe sleep deprived. We needed to find a way to adjust our circadian rhythms and get proper sleep so we weren’t turning up to sets so tired.”

“Eight hours and 15 minutes is the optimum amount of sleep. They say anywhere between seven and nine hours is really good,” says Zac, chiming in. “But at that time, we were really starting to understand the detrimental effects of not getting enough sleep and started reading journals, theories and studies which looked into important factors in our sleep/wake cycles.”

With the help of Dr. Stafford Sheehan – a chemical physicist whose personal discipline specialises in neuroscience – the US-based Stenmark twins researched, trialled and developed a new patent-pending DreamTech Sleep and Screen sleep health lens technology. Worn for a minimum of 30 minutes before bed, Dreamers Sleep lenses have been scientifically engineered to block 99.9% of noxious blue-green light from devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, LED screens and televisions.

Model wears Dreamers Vivid Blue Light Blocking Computer Screen Eyewear in Black SHOP NOW

While the new, stylish and functional Dreamers line has been on the market for several months now, there is a new demand for something – anything – that can help Australians sleep during this never-ending period of lockdown. For many, the pandemic and its subsequent stay-at-home mandate has blown open insecurities, spotlighted anxieties and sent identities reeling. (A recent study from the Australian Bureau Of Statistics revealed one in five Australians are reporting high or very high levels of psychological distress linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, with young people, women and those living with a disability the most affected by poor mental health.)

As a result of being inside all the time, screen time has exponentially increased – this editor is guilty of being on a laptop and phone all day, before knocking off work and watching Netflix and texting and emailing into the evening on her phone. According to the Stenmarks and Dr. Sheehan, extended exposure to artificial blue light from electronic screens is proven to cause eye-strain, headaches and further impacts the disruption of the body’s 24 hour circadian rhythm.

“Depression and anxiety are two of the fastest-growing health concerns today, especially for people in our age group,” says Zac, 29. “As we became more informed about the indisputable connections between the overexposure to artificial blue-green light, sleep quality and mental health, we felt compelled to work towards finding a solution.”

A solution indeed: You can still watch Cocaine Cowboys and send your friend a text late at night, and your sleep won’t be sacrificed, say the Stenmarks.

How The Technology Was Dreamt Up In A Bushwick Café

Like all good lightbulb moments, Dr. Sheehan and the boys met up at a café in New York – the hip Kávé espresso bar on Knickerbocker and Flushing Ave in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to be exact; a spot where “the entrance looks like Diagon Alley from Harry Potter” jokes Dr. Sheehan.

“We knew each other through mutual friends,” says Dr. Sheehan, who is affectionately known as “Staff” to the Stenmarks. “We would grab a coffee or tea and just hang out and talk about the sort of stuff we were into, and a lot of that actually overlapped in terms of the intersection between science and health.”

“We said to Staff, ‘Is it now possible to take what we’ve learnt and create a lens that blocks 99.9% of this blue-green light that stops the body from producing the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin?’ We really wanted to make sure we could make the best technology in the market and block the light that was impacting sleep,” remembers Zac. “Staff could do his wizardry with the lens and make something that was far more superior when compared to what everyone else was doing. I actually remember when we were talking about it in the café and Staff was drawing on a napkin like, ‘I think this is what it will look like’. That was another magic moment. I was like, ‘Wow Staff can really do this. He’s the man!’”

How Dreamers Work

While exposure to natural blue-green light from the sun is a promoter for the adrenal glands’ production of the alertness hormone cortisol, overexposure to artificial blue-green light from extended periods of screen usage suppresses the pineal gland’s natural production of melatonin. This disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and results in sleep deprivation and a poorer quality of sleep, says the Stenmarks and Dr. Sheehan.

“Melatonin is the hormone that helps you go to sleep. Cortisol is the one that keeps you alert,” explains Dr. Sheehan. “When you’re given a stimulus like a really bright LED that has a lot of blue light, or an LED with a lot of blue-green light, you get a decrease in the melatonin production inside your brain. So, the sleep hormone is produced less, and there is an increase in the alertness hormone (our brains haven’t evolved to manage digital devices!). We get this kind of fight response in hormone regulation in our brains when we see a bright light. It wakes us up and stops us from being in a more restful state.”

Dreamers glasses block the blue-green light coming from our electronic devices and getting into our eyes,” he continues. “By blocking the harmful blue-green light, it allows your brain to continue producing melatonin at the time of day when you want to produce melatonin, like in the evening.”

Models wear Dreamers Lucid Sleep Blue + Green Light Blocking Eyewear in CLEAR AND BLACK SHOP now

In the range, there are two types: Dreamers Sleep eyewear which filter blue-green light and are designed to wear 30 minutes before bed, and Dreamers Screen eyewear which filter blue light and are designed to wear while using devices to reduce eye-strain, headaches and anxiety. Both induce a peaceful night’s sleep.

Why Sleep Is Now More Important Than Ever

According to the Stenmarks and Dr. Sheehan, research indicates that one in three people currently experience chronic sleep health issues with sleep deprivation being among the highest cause for anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, stress and weight gain.

“If you don’t have enough sleep, your mind is going to be in a fog, you’re not going to be as alert, and that’s because you didn’t give your brain enough time to recharge over the course of the night,” says Dr. Sheehan. “In order to replenish the optimal hormonal balance that you have in your brain, you have to get a good night’s sleep. But if you are consistently getting a poor night’s sleep, then that can cause more serious hormonal imbalances in your brain and can lead to all sorts of negative side effects.”

Model wears Dreamers Lucid Sleep Blue + Green Light Blocking Eyewear in Tortoise Shell SHOP NOW

A Market Comparison

You probably have seen other blue-lens glasses on the market. While none really compare to Dreamers from a sartorial standpoint, Dr. Sheehan says competitors don’t use the same advanced technology Dreamers does.

“What our technology does is cuts off the light that you don’t want, and lets in the light that you do want,” he says. “This means the light that doesn’t affect your melatonin sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythm will still get through so you can actually function and have good visibility while wearing these glasses. You can actually still live your life! The effectiveness of other glasses on the market are not really as good at selectively blocking out the bad light while still letting in the good.”

Are You Ready To Have A Good Night’s Sleep?

You can shop Jordan and Zac’s buzzy, modern Dreamers collections below.

Perhaps you’ll even drift off into a romantic dream where you fly on one of those metal giants, if only for the night.

Dreamers Lucid Sleep Blue + Green Light Blocking Eyewear in Tortoise Shell SHOP NOW

Dreamers Lucid Sleep Blue + Green Light Blocking Eyewear in Clear  shop now

Dreamers Lucid Sleep Blue + Green Light Blocking Eyewear in Black  shop now

Dreamers Lucid Sleep Blue + Green Light Blocking Eyewear in Tortoise Shell, SHOP NOW

Dreamers Lucid Sleep Blue + Green Light Blocking Eyewear in clear, SHOP NOW

Dreamers Lucid Sleep Blue + Green Light Blocking Eyewear in Black, SHOP NOW