Jacob Elordi is a man of many talents, from modelling to starring role as the violent and conflicted Nate Jacobs in the harrowing high school drama Euphoria. Now, the Australian actor can add “smells good” as well as “looks good” to his resume after he was named as the new face of BOSS fragrances and eyewear campaigns for 2022.

The campaign, shot by Marco Prestini and also starring Spider-Man: Homecoming actress Laura Harrier, is for a modernised version of the classic The Scent line.

According to Coty, who manages BOSS scent line, this new The Scent will be a “reinterpretation with unique formulations. 

The intensity of both men’s and women’s versions will also be higher, with 18 per cent for men’s fragrances and 20 per cent for women’s fragrances.

BOSS clearly has a taste for Aussie talent, having most recently worked with Avenger and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth across their men’s fragrance line.

The 24-year-old Elordi, who is originally from Brisbane, has been making himself one of then most sought after talents in Hollywood since he landed the role of Noah Flynn in the cult teen hit The Kissing Booth.

The choice of Elordi for a campaign targeting a younger generation of BOSS clients has both obvious and more subtle connotations.

On the former, there’s no doubt Elordi is one of the most talked about actors right now with endless social media fan pages updating his every movement. 

Then there’s the cultural shift happening in young men today.

Superheroes are great, but the hulking masculinity they represent isn’t quite the world that we live in today as men seek out new ways of personal expression that go beyond biceps.

No offence, Chris Hemsworth. 

Elordi’s presence speaks to this new era of young men. Unafraid to dip the toe into sensitivity, his role on Euphoria isn’t an example of what men are supposed to be but a case study of what happens when you’re trapped within rigid models of masculine behaviour. 

BOSS has picked the right face for the right times.