Each and every month, viewers are greeted with a plethora of new and existing titles in a range of television and film categories via their chosen streaming service. While sometimes too many options can prove a burden – the struggle is real, folks – we’ve made your job a little more bearable by collating all the new cinematic goodies hitting our Netflix screens this February.

This Feb, there is some great viewing to be had. Do you enjoy a good thriller series? Perhaps you’re partial to an easy-watching rom-com? Or maybe you’re looking for some behind-the-scenes sporting action? Whatever piques your interest, Netflix will have you sorted.

So, here are all the new movies, TV shows, documentaries and mini-series coming to Netflix in February, including our favourite must-see picks.

YOU Season 4, Part 1

Hello, You. It’s me, Joe Goldberg. I’m back. After a rollercoaster ending to season 3, which saw Joe relocate to Europe after murdering his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), giving away his baby, and faking his own death. Now, we find Goldberg in London under the guise of Professor Jonathan Moore, the new alias he has adopted for his new life in London. Who will be the new love interest of Joe Goldberg in this two-part season, and will there be a bloody end for all involved?

Full Swing

Riding on the success of the Netflix hits Drive to Survive and Break Point, Full Swing will hit our screens this February, documenting all the drama on and off the golf course. We’re of course talking about the PGA Tour, and all the stars tied to this lucrative sporting league. Expect to follow the storylines from some of the biggest stars, too, like Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and Rory Mcllroy.

Your Place or Mine

Sometimes, all you need is a classic rom-com to lighten the mood, and Ashton Kutcher and Reece Witherspoon’s new romantic comedy is looking like it’ll do just that. The film centres around best friends Debbie (Witherspoon) and Peter (Kutcher) who swap houses and lives for a week, but go on to discover what they think they want might not be what they really need.

February 1

  • Gunther’s Millions

February 2

  • Mako My Day
  • On My Block: Freeridge

February 3

  • True Spirit
  • Infiesto

February 8

  • Bill Russell: Legend 
  • The Exchange 

February 9

  • YOU Season 4
  • My Dad The Bounty Hunter

February 10

  • Your Place Or Mine
  • 10 Days of a Good Man
  • Love To Hate You

February 14

  • In love All Over Again
  • Perfect Match

February 15

  • African Queens: Njinga
  • Full Swing
  • The Law According to Lidia Poët

February 16

  • Aggretsuko 
  • The Upshaws 

February 17

  • Community Squads 
  • Unlocked 

February 22

  • Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal

February 23

  • Outer Banks Season 3

February 24

  • Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 5
  • We Have a Ghost

February 28

  • Too Hot To Handle Germany