It’s a new dawn for the NFL, with the Cincinnati Bengals taking on the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl LVI. Given the enormity of the occasion – you know, being the world’s greatest sporting spectacle – we thought it a great chance to anticipate everything you can expect from this year’s Super Bowl 56.

According to data analytics firm PredictHQ, over 117 million people in America alone will tune in to see who will clinch sport’s most prestigious award, with this match-up set to be a game for the ages…and Tom Brady is nowhere to be seen!

Here’s the Super Bowl LVI rundown…

Super Bowl LVI

Where will the match be played?

The Super Bowl LVI will be played in Los Angeles at the epic SoFi Stadium. The home advantage for the LA Rams could prove pivotal in securing their first Super Bowl win since 1999. It’s the second consecutive year a local team has enjoyed the advantage of playing the Super Bowl in their home city (and only the second time in 56 years that this has occurred), with Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers favouring a home advantage against the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021.We all know how that game ended…

Why is the Super Bowl such a big deal?

Think of it this way: after a grueling 18-week season, only two teams are left standing to take away the championship trophy. It’s a big deal for the NFL, it’s a big deal for the players and teams who are yet to win a Super Bowl championship, it’s a big deal for fans who get to enjoy one last spectacle before the long offseason. The list goes on.

When is kick-off?

Kick-off is scheduled for 10:30am AEDT time this coming Monday, 14 February.

How/where can I watch it?

In America, NBC has rights to the coverage of the Super Bowl. Elsewhere (like Australia), the match will be broadcast on Seven, ESPN and Kayo.

Players to watch (Rams)

Quarterback Matthew Stafford is pivotal to a Rams win; if he plays poorly, they probably don’t have much of a chance with a dominating Bengals team looking to steal their first-ever Super Bowl trophy. Aaron Donald is the glue that holds the defence together (defensive player of the year 2017, 2018 and 2020), and wide receivers Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr are also two headline stars to watch.

Matthew Stafford

Players to watch (Bengals)

Naturally, if your quarterback is ON, you have a good chance of winning a Super Bowl. Joe Burrow needs to do just that, but he bears great weight on his shoulders. No doubt he has the tools to get the job done (he has now surpassed Tom Brady for highest PFF grade by a quarterback this season).

Likewise, wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase is crucial to the Bengals lineup if they have a chance of winning Super Bowl 56. Chase finished third in total yards after the catch this season with 791.

Joe Burrow

Who’s going to win?

Super Bowl 56 is shaping up to be a game for the ages. Both the Rams and Bengals have great stories and have fought incredibly hard to secure a Super Bowl appearance. The Rams are just under a 67 per cent chance of winning their first Super Bowl since 1999, and we think it’s going to be their Super Bowl this year.

That being said, the Bengals are yet to clinch their first Super Bowl trophy, so that notion will be driving them all game long.

Los Angeles Rams to win 28 to 24.

What do you win?

The Vince Lombardi Trophy, of course! Named after the coach of the Green Bay Packers, the Vince Lombardi trophy has been crafted by Tiffany & Co since 1967 – a testament to the inimitable technical skill and artistry of Tiffany’s craftsmanship.  The winning team is also gifted Super Bowl championship rings.Tiffany & Co Super Bowl

What’s happening for the Half-Time show?

Let’s face it: many watch the Super Bowl for the famous half-time show itself. The thing is, you never know what to expect. Some years it’s a flop (remember when The Black Eyed Peas butchered their performance in 2011?), other years it steals the spotlight (Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, 2020).

This year, the talent pool is as grand as ever, with the likes of Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige taking to the stage – hip hop fans rejoice!

And what about the ads?

Super Bowl advertisements, much like the half-time show, are a reason many tune into the Super Bowl. Renowned for their cinematographic quality, unpredictability, wit and use of special effects – coupled with a wide array of celebrity cameo appearances – the Super Bowl ads go viral.

But they don’t come cheap. According to NBC, the broadcaster is asking for $6.5M USD per 3-second commercial. That’s a lot of cash to splash on a short clip! has set a record deal for 2022 Super Bowl ads, asking for $6.5 million per 30-second commercial.

Unfortunately for us Australians, we’ll have to catch the Super Bowl ads when they hit YouTuve, as Australian broadcasters don’t carry the American Super Bowl advertisements.

Some Super Bowl ads to watch out for this year include:

  • Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart ‘blazing up’ in an ad for Bic Lighters…iconic!
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger buying a macchiato dressed as Zeus (his upcoming film) for a BMW ad.
  • General Motors is bringing Austin Powers back in some capacity. Watch this space