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“More freedom and less rules”. This is how designer and hospitality icon Maurice Terzini has described the evolving landscape of male style. Behind Australian label Ten Pieces, his punk influences and raw style cues have been infused into the Bondi-born brand and with partner Lucy Hinkfuss the duo are blurring the lines between men’s and women’s fashion.

Starting with quite literally 10 pieces of clothing, the label has quickly grown on a local and international level. Working with musicians and artists, Ten Pieces has come to harbour its own distinctive sensibilities in the form of oversized silhouettes and confident designs – all with high-end appeal.

Appearing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, we will once again see Terzini’s handy work and strong aesthetics at the home of Bondi Icebergs. Set behind the blue waters of one Australia’s most famous beach, the contrast between nature and urban culture will be apparent as Ten Pieces draws inspiration from “cosmic disco”. Presenting the Resort 2020 collection in just over a weeks time, ICON caught up with Maurice Terzini for insight to his unique views on culture and fashion.

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ICON: On social media, the upcoming MBFWA Ten Pieces show has been described as “cosmic disco”. Can you explain what that means to you?

Maurice Terzini: “The collection this year is inspired by my years living in Italy. We were known as disco freaks. In the late ‘70s listening to Daniele Baldeli and the rise of Italo disco and the magical cosmic disco. Music is always a starting reference to anything we do. The influence comes more from the styling rather than the clothes worn. We have imagined this clashing with another of our core influences, urban sports such as free running, hence cosmic runner.”

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“We do not have any rules. We like boys that dress like girls and girls that dress like boys.”

ICON: The brand ethos of Ten Pieces has been described as Punk – “An attitude of rebellion, to challenge that which has come before”. What concepts does this latest collection challenge?

MT: “I don’t think we are really challenging anything or anyone. We are just trying to make our world more relevant and in tune with the environment around us. We do not have any rules. We like boys that dress like girls and girls that dress like boys. Perhaps one challenge is trying to rid the world of bad suits!”

ICON: There has always been a distinct contrast between the punk-inspired looks and the lush backdrop of Bondi Beach. Was this intentional?

MT: “Not really. It’s just who we are and apart from the late disco freak years of Italy, the Melbourne punk and post-pink scene was a major influence in our lives.”

MBFWA 17 / Credit: Lucas Dawson Photography
ICON: Do you have a dream collaboration you’d love to see become a reality?

MT: “Ian Schrager”.

ICON: How has the brand changed since its beginnings? What direction will Ten Pieces take in the future?

MT: “It’s a constant developing brand. We made a pact that it will be self funded and we are experimenting more. The beginning was literally a bottle of wine and ten pieces. I hope that we find our true voice. This is the direction I would like [to take].”

ICON will be on the ground at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2019. Check back for running coverage.