Christian Dior continues to expand its foothold within the digital culture with the announcement of their latest collaboration – a series of skins and extras for the racing classic Gran Turismo 7, exclusively available on the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

First look at the Dior Gran Turismo 7 skins.

Created by Dior Men’s artistic director Kim Jones, the capsule collection consists of a series of skins and outfits for avatars to wear during game play, marked by familiar Dior motifs and colourways from the French maison. Players will be able to hit the tracks in either yellow or grey jumpsuits, a pair of Diorizen shoes rendered for Gran Turismo 7 gameplay. Details on the skins include the famous Dior Oblique and a Christian Dior Atelier Avenue Montaigne patch. Keen eyes will also spot the recurring number 47 – a nod to Dior’s first fashion show that was held on 12 February 1947.

But it’s not all fashion and accessories. The Jones x Dior extension to Gran Turismo also includes one of the sickest and slickest tickets to ride in the game – a vintage De Tomaso Mangusta marked with distinctive Dior insignia.

The collaboration between Dior, Jones and Polyphony Digital (the developers of Gran Turismo 7) was announced at the Gran Turismo 7 World Series Showdown in Salzburg, Austria.

The skins include a yellow racing suit with Dior motif detailing and an exclusive pair of wheels. Image: Dior


While this marks the brand’s debut venture into gaming, the luxury fashion house has been making inroads into the metaverse. In 2021 they used avatar platform Ready Player Me to promote its Miss Dior fragrance.  Earlier this year, they partnered with Meta Media Holdings during their first ever exhibition in China, On The Road. Jones revealed his menswear collection through an interactive experience in the “Meta Ziwu” virtual space created by Chinese architect Ma Yansong.

Whether this is the first step of many into the vast – and admittedly lucrative – world of gaming is yet to be seen. But gamers have shown that they are both keen and hungry for the integration of real-world luxury labels to be made accessible for their avatars and gaming “selves”.