Loewe are On. Literally. The Spanish brand has partnered with active brand On to create a limited edition capsule for those who like their adventure assisted by handmade and sustainable performance wear.

Colour gradients reflect natural erosion. Image: Loewe.

The collaboration brings together both brand’s dedication to quality while blending traditional craft skills and modern technical materials. Beginning with On’s bestselling Cloudventure and Cloudrock footwear, Loewe brings their own flair to the iconic silhouettes with five colourways that, while inspired by nature, is 100 per cent Loewe in style. 

Moving upwards, the outerwear brings the same colourful inspiration (two options for men) and innovative materials that make the footwear such a hit amongst trail lovers. Featuring weather-adaptable running pants, a moisture-wicking waterproof anorak, temperature regulating performance-t t-shirts and a unisex customisable insulation three-layer Parka.

Loewe x On.

Where On and Loewe hit their stride is in the materials: the colour gradient is a direct reflection on nature’s own methods of erosion and wear, resembling the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements en plein air. The final result features a Japanese sashiko-inspired needlework print resembling the stars in a clear night sky. To keep the gradient consistent across each piece, the finishing process is carried out by hand, just as the marble effect soles are processed individually and manually, making each shoe unique. The use of recycled polyester is extensive in order for production to be responsible, and even the packaging is recycled.

Loewe’s push into sustainability has been a steady and persistent process that has meant redefining the idea of upcycling. Their Eye/LOEWE/Nature line has been a game changing addition to the menswear collection, incorporating materials normally left on the cutting room floor and repurposing them into outdoors-inspired garments.

A similar focus on clothing that takes the wearer outdoors while following construction methods that are both sustainable without sacrificing technical refinement is shared by the Swiss brand, On. Since 2010, the brand has used the most universal human activity – running – as inspiration for their products which double as both functional sportswear and platform for environmental change.

The collection launches March 9 on loewe.com and on-running.com, and in selected LOEWE stores on March 10.