Courtesy of Golden Goose

In an era of curated newsfeeds and hyper-perfectionism, Golden Goose stands out. Born in 2000, the collective was founded with a passion for imperfection and an ethos on authenticity. For two decades the brand has strayed from tradition to offer streetwear inspired by people and places – not trends. Best known for distressed sneakers and western-inspired apparel (including an iteration of their first-ever product, the leather jacket) it is the most unexpected of luxury Italian fashion.

Nevertheless Golden Goose has captured a worldwide fan base for the signature star and lifestyle pieces inspired by  old-school design codes of skatewear and sport. In September this year, the brand’s DIY outpost aptly dubbed ‘Co-Creation’ arrived to Australian shores giving customers the opportunity to imagine their own specially-designed products. Curious and with a pair of Golden Goose sneakers high on my wish list, I trialled the experience so you can make the investment with creative confidence.

Courtesy of Golden Goose

STep 1

Co-Creation is currently available in select Australian stores: Westfield Sydney, Westfield Bondi Junction, Chadstone Shopping Centre, and Golden Goose Melbourne Flagship. It is recommended that you first book your experience via the Golden Goose Passport App or directly with the boutique to ensure a staff member is available for the process.

Step 2

When I attended my local boutique – a quiet Wednesday afternoon – I was invited to peruse the store’s offering for my dream style. If like me, you’re completely overwhelmed by choice I suggest scrolling through the Golden Goose website for what to expect.

Credit: Rebekah Clark

I was advised to consider my wardrobe, my favourite colours to wear (admittedly, neutrals) and pulled out several different styles to try – the Mid Star and Super Star silhouettes were strong contenders – before I settled on the Ball Star. A middle ground between a basketball and skate shoe. When it comes to colour ways you can go as bold as you’d like, however I settled with a Swarovski encrusted style for ultimate wearability. The perfect blank canvas.

Golden Goose White Ball Star with a Swarovski crystal star and heel tab, $1,230. SHOP NOW

After finding the perfect size and fit, it was time to get creative.

Step 3

Each boutique features a work station where you’ll be paired with an artist from a roster of talented creatives. If like me you don’t have a clear vision, the wonderful staff are able to give you ideas and direction on what you’d like the final product to be. On offer are an array of embellishments including studs, crystals, patches, and charms while each artist will hand-draw a personal message, motifs or an artwork.

Examples I had been shown included a cartoon of a pet, quotes and entire detailed city-scapes. Again, you can go as minimalist or creative as you’d like. I chose three Swarovski crystal studs along the top seam in blue (one of my favourite colours to wear) and a personal message on the toe box: “Pay it forward”.

More complicated designs may require you to return to store at a later time.

STep 4

Before the customisation is complete, you can finish the sneakers offer with a number of charms and/or different laces. I chose a few different beads for later so I can mix and match whenever I want. Each pair of Co-Creation sneakers are emblazoned with gold foil reading, “GGDB1OF1”, a reminder there is noting else quite like it which I found a really nice finishing touch.

Credit: Rebekah Clark

Each pair is packaged into a gold shoe box with authenticity details and spare charms included. Co-Creation experiences are available for $150 AUD.

The finished product: I’m obsessed.