The power of Harry Styles it seems can never be underestimated it seems after it the return of Gucci back in to top position as world’s hottest brand on Lyst’s index report for the second quarter. All courtesy of the former One Direction singer and his legion of loyal fans.

Well, not entirely.

But there is a strong case for the English performer’s influence. Collating the collective behaviour of over 200 million consumers and shoppers a year that engage with the Lyst platform, checking out trends and new collections, Lyst also takes a deep dive into actual product views, sales and and social media activity with a three month period to gain their insights and results.

What they found for the second quarter was Gucci’s return to reign supreme thanks to some big collaborations and collections. Namely, their “Cosmogonie” Resort 2023 collection that was shown in Puglia, Italy. Their insanely retro fun collab with Adidas, which caused a whopping 286% spike in searches for the brand. And, of course, their big announcement with the brand’s most beloved muse – the HA HA HA collection with Harry Styles. For his part, Styles has also been rocking the brand throughout his world tour for his latest album, Harry’s House.

It was enough to knock former powerhouse and fellow Kering stablemate Balenciaga from the top spot. According to the team at Lyst, the two brands have been neck and neck since they started undertaking the research in 2017. “The brands’ aesthetics couldn’t be more different,” they explain. “Alessandro Michele’s colourful, maximalist utopia sits in stark contrast with Demna’s dark, dystopian vision. But together, the two Kering-owned fashion houses are now powering a huge 21 per cent of the overall Lyst Index heat score generated by the top 20 brands.”

While Gucci and Balenciaga dominate the overall power counter, a few surprises are thrown in when you get a little more granular on the details. For example, the top two searched products for men during the second quarter were actually the Adidas X Wales Bonner Samba sneaker and Birkesntock Boston suede clogs in second place.

The Gucci 1953 Horsebit loafers are the first time the brand is mentioned, coming in fourth behind Yeezy x Gap engineered by Balenciaga Dove hoodie.

Also sneaking their way back into favour seems to be controversial brand Dolce & Gabbana. The Italian luxury house seems has gone to extreme efforts recently to get back into the graces (and Instagram Reels and Tik Toks) of fashionistas and influencers. Even the outspoken Bryan Boy, who said “we don’t speak that name around here” after accusations of racism against the brand were made public, has seem to forgiven and forgotten after attending their admittedly visually spectacular 10th anniversary of their Alta Moda show in July.