Australian Hip Hop royalty Hilltop Hoods have just announced their G-Shock GBA800HTH-1A collaboration, joining the ranks of legendary Hip Hop artists to have their name on a model for the 39-year-old iconic watch brand. ICON caught up with the group’s Dan Smith (aka Pressure) to ask him about the release and their upcoming album.

Hilltop Hoods have joined the league of rappers with their name on a watch. Image: G-Shock.

ICON: Have you always been a watch aficionado? Or are you purely a G-Shock fan?

Dan Smith: I’m no aficionado but I’ve been going back and discovering some of the amazing collabs that have come before ours.

ICON: What is it that you like most about the iconic GBA800 design?

DS: I was drawn to its robust and simple appearance, but you also don’t miss out on anything on a tech level. 

The G-Shock GBA800HTH-1A.

ICON: What’s your holy grail G-Shock model you’d like for your collection (besides your own)?

DS: I’m currently rocking the G-Shock vs New Era 100 year collaboration (GM 110), but they’ve done so many great pieces over the years it’s hard to say whether that’s my holy grail. I’m also feeling the GSWH1000 smart watch.

ICON: The Hilltop Hoods are known for being pretty discerning when it comes to collabs. What does it take for you to partner with another brand?

DS: It just has to be the right fit, we don’t do a lot of brand collabs so when we do it’s gotta feel like us. 

ICON: Hip Hop artists like A$AP Ferg, Snoop, Eminem and Kanye have all expressed a love for G-Shock in the past, and HTH has referenced the watch on a track before (Living In Bunkers). What do you think makes G-Shock so appealing to the Hip Hop community?

DS: It’s hard to say why the Hip Hop and G-Shock synergy is a thing but it’s been that way ever since I discovered my love of the music and culture. Maybe it’s the appeal of something that’s rugged and will last as well as looking fresh.

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ICON: What’s your favourite feature on the GBA800HTH-1A? Are there any surprises you’re excited for your fans to discover?

DS: The step counter was one of the things that made me gravitate towards this model. Favourite sneaky feature is the engraved back plate.  

ICON: You’ve dropped a new single “Showbusiness” from your upcoming new album, did you have to record most of it during lockdown? 

DS: Adelaide was spared lockdowns for the most part. It did however stop us from being in the same place as Eamon for the recording process, so doing that over Zoom was a first for us. 

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