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Credit: Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Boston Calling

The first recent resurgence of tie-dye arrived on the runway by none other than taste maker, Virgil Abloh and his debut Spring/Summer 2019 collection for Louis Vuitton. Then it was Kanye West, A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott who begun sporting the trend on merch and soon after, the likes of Prada interpreted the once-psychedelic look onto high fashion pieces for more recent collections. But in unusual style for the normally quick to react realm of social media, it has taken many more months to tightly grasp the colourful print.


In an attempt to emulate the runways and social media stars, tie-dying has returned in viral glory. Stay-at-home orders have most likely seen our fascination for DIY projects to rise significantly and what better way to pass a Sunday afternoon than to stain the walls of your rental flat with dye. Sure, we’re only sitting at home in our sweats anyways, but why not pimp your look?


This is how to tie-dye at home.

what you will need

To tie-dye successfully is quite simple, just ensure you use pieces that are at least 50 percent natural fibres (like cotton) as they will bind well and won’t wash completely off.

  • Clothing
  • Rubber bands
  • Rubber gloves (wear at all times when using dye)
  • Clothing dye (check your local craft store) or bleach for black items
  • Spray bottle and squeeze bottle
  • Towels to protect the area

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There are many tie-dye techniques which will create different designs dependent on what you’re after. ICON’s picks include the bulls eye, stripes and crumples.


This works best with t-shirts and hoodies.

  1. Prepare the dye as directed.
  2. Lie the t-shirt flat. Pinch the middle of the shirt with your thumb and pointer and begin to twist. Twist until the t-shirt forms into a flat, round, ball.
  3. In that position, take rubber bands and tie around the diameter of the circle in six sections
  4. Dye with one or more colours


This works best with t-shirts, socks and pants.

  1. Roll your clothing lengthwise
  2. At every couple of centimetres, wrap a rubber band around the tube of fabric until you’ve covered the entire garment
  3. Dye in bucket or sink


Works best on t-shirts and pants.

  1. Lay your garment flat and from the centre use your five fingers to scrunch the fabric slightly to emulate small bubbles in the fabric
  2. Once the entire garment is ‘scrunched’, take 3-4 rubber bands and tie across the garment whilst ensure the scrunches remain in place
  3. With your chosen dye in squeeze bottles, splash dye across sections of the fabric
  4. Repeat on backside of garment

To finish

Dependent on direction of your particular dye and for best results, leave dyed garments overnight before rinsing and washing separately on a cold setting. You may need to wash several times to remove any excess dye.

If you are to do this with black garments and bleach, ensure the bleach is suitable for fabrics and use same twisting techniques as above.