A puddle that’s never wet, a chair that blends the sculptural while challenging the functional and the faint traces of Aesop incense blending with the fresh zing of a tomato scented Loewe candle – this week, Top Drops delves into the poetics of space and design.

In the contemplative realm of interior aesthetics, the philosophies of Martin Heidegger and Gaston Bachelard offer profound insights. Heidegger’s notion of “Being-in-the-world” and Bachelard’s exploration of The Poetics of Space suggest that the essence of a space is not merely in its physical structure, but in the experience and atmosphere it embodies.


Picture, then, a table, upon which rests the Puddle Catch-All by Fourth Street. This object, transcending its simple purpose, becomes a portal to Heidegger’s concept of ‘ready-to-hand’. It speaks to the harmony between utility and beauty, where each discarded key or forgotten coin becomes part of a grander narrative, a silent tribute to the poetry of everyday life.

Aesop Sarashina Aromatique Incense. $45. Image: Aesop

As dusk embraces the room, so does the Sarashina Aromatique Incense from Aesop awaken. Its smoke, like tendrils of thought, weaves through the air, carrying a fragrance that unlocks doors to Bachelard’s realms of reverie. In this dance of aroma and memory, the space transforms into a sanctuary of introspection, where each individual is invited to explore the corridors of their own mind.

Waterford Short Decanter. $449. Image: Waterford.

Nearby, the elegance of a Waterford Crystal decanter stands as a beacon of Heidegger’s ‘essence of a thing’. The crystal, with its clear, refractive beauty and the ritual of decanting, invites a mindfulness that anchors one in the present moment, celebrating the purity of the here and now.

Loewe tomato stem candle. $170. Image: Loewe

Amidst this symphony of scents and reflections, the presence of a Loewe candle subtly asserts itself. Its aroma doesn’t just fill the air; it constructs an invisible architecture of emotion and memory. In its scent lies Bachelard’s poetic image, a catalyst transforming the space into a canvas of personal narratives, each whiff a stroke of memory and sentiment while its ridged container begs sensual tactility.

Henry Timi Solida chair. POA. Image: Henry Timi

In a corner, Henry Timi’s Solida chair, eternal in its simplicity and authenticity, echoes Heidegger’s call for genuineness. Its form and texture invite a tangible interaction, a return to the roots of existence, where the beauty of craftsmanship speaks of a slower, more thoughtful way of being.

Goopy vase by Houseplant. $649. Image: MR PORTER

Amidst these artefacts, a Gloopy Ceramic and Glass Vase from Houseplant at MR PORTER stands as a testament to the ongoing dialogue between space and object. Its unconventional form challenges perceptions, embodying Heidegger’s notion of ‘thingness’, a reminder that our interaction with objects is a continuous negotiation of meaning and existence.

In weaving these items into the fabric of an interior space, one creates an environment that is not only visually pleasing but philosophically profound, offering an immersive experience that echoes the ideas of Heidegger and Bachelard. This space becomes a living narrative, a poetic dialogue between the dweller and their surroundings, where every object tells a story and invites a deeper engagement with the world.