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At 30 years-old, Creative Director Leonida Ferrarese is one of the best Italian Ateliers in the country. From small beginnings as a banker, Ferrarese took to New York City to study Marketing and Haute Couture, making his way to the fashion offices of Salvatore Ferragamo, before returning to his hometown, where he established the Brand and Tailoring Maison BOTTEGA DALMUT.

Situated in the heart of the city of Francavilla Fontana, the Atelier offers luxury and bespoke Italian suiting, along with handcrafted accessories.

Not only having created one of Italy’s most well-known tailoring brands, Leonida Ferrarese has become a worldwide fashion icon, seen at the top fashion events in the world including Pitti Uomo. ICON’s very own street editor, Roberto Malizia caught up with Ferrarese to talk about his successes.

ICON: Leonida what is your background and how have you changed path from a bank job to creating BOTTEGA DALMUT?

“It’s all about passion. After graduating and accomplishing a Masters in Marketing in NYC with studies in the field of haute couture and gaining experience in fashion marketing departments, I returned to my hometown and realised that my ambitions were set higher than when I first left home to live abroad.”

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What was the main aim behind this project and what did you want to bring differently to the market from any other Italian tailor?

“When I decided to open my company, my motto was: “Not another ordinary tailoring Maison”.

“This was due to the fact that we do everything differently. A different vision of cuts and silhouettes, emphasising any type of masculine physique. The hands of our tailors are trained to understand the customer’s body type and translate Bottega Dalmut’s DNA into our suits. We also care more than anyone else to provide customised details from hand/painted buttons, to 100 percent Italian silk interior linings. Nothing is left to chance.”

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Something I found very unique and different, was the use of your logo to create customs pieces like Nike’s or Yeezy’s. Tell us about it. 

“It actually started as what I thought was a one-time customer’s request. A pair of white sneakers customised with our signature Dalmut print. We dedicated time and creativity to this one project [and] we soon realised, [we] opened up the doors to more and more requests on behalf of our gentlemen. We are now customising some of the most iconic sneakers signed by Nike, Converse and Air Jordan such as the Air Force One, Jordan One and the Converse All-Star.”

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You’re an international fashion icon, your look is next level, and a regular at Pitti Uomo. How helpful has it been to be seen in digital magazines in order to push your brand and what’s your relationship with social media’s?

“Pitti was significantly important in the beginning. It was a first step into the field…and I started to relate to the world of fashion. It has now become a seasonal meeting venue with suppliers and friends but more of a chance to meet with customers. As far as social media, I believe it impossible to do business in 2018 without Instagram or Facebook. Customers want everything quickly, therefore it is extremely important to be online, interact and update constantly [on] all social media pages. New generations will never know the existence of a new brand unless it has a strong built-in marketing and media department.”

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Lastly, what are your thoughts on what’s happening in the menswear scene nowadays?

“I think some brands exaggerate and tend to go the distance – way far from what menswear should be like (generically speaking). Creative Directors obviously compete with each-other, transmitting their vision on runways but I think that classic and simple never gets old. I don’t really care much for general menswear attire, my passion is formal-wear and second skin bespoke suits. My suits.”