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There’s nothing like European style and sensibility to capture our attention and enchant us, especially considering the continent’s perennially stylish aesthetic and wanderlust-inducing lifestyle. Yet, while the zeitgeist has been besotted with French and Scandi aesthetics, we’re turning our attention to our recently reignited affinity for the inimitable Italian way of life.

As any Italophilia—see: those who’s appreciation and admiration of the Mediterranean country seeps into everything they do—would know, Italian ideals and culture offer a taste of European sophistication year round.Indeed, Italy is a perpetual source of sartorial inspiration and enviable traditions, with the coastal country synonymous with indulgent food, effortless elegance and la dolce vita, or the sweet life. Even compared to Italy’s European contemporaries, the mountainous landscape, parasol-laded beaches, vibrant islands and ancient wonders are endless proof that Italians will go above and beyond to ensure glamour is achieved in every touch point of their daily lives.

As any Italian would tell you, their culture is rooted in finding pleasure in the mundane, guaranteeing everything is done with flair and style. At its core, emulating the Italian aesthetic is a simple pursuit that requires you to romanticise prosaic activities irrespective of the season.

However, if you’re after specific elements that will have you vivi la vita, or living life, in style, keep scrolling below for ICON’s definitive guide to living life like an Italian.

Indulge In A Pre-Dinner Tipple With Aperitivo Hour
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Looking through life with Campari-tinted lenses is a prerequisite for enriching your life à la an Italian. One of Italy’s most revered customs is aperitivo hour, a tradition that is practised daily throughout the year and offers a refreshing moment of reprieve that simulations enriches and relaxes those participating in the ritual.

Unlike the traditional ‘happy hour’, aperitivo hour is a customary pre-dinner tipple that utilises apéritif to literally stimulate appetites (and conversations) before heading to a nearby osteria or ristorante to continue the evening, but more on that later.

This celebration is a daily reminder to go the extra one per cent in life, with no bars held in regard to the garnishes, charcuterie and crudités served alongside the beers and beverages.

For those looking to incorporate this practice into their daily rituals, look no further than the refreshing delights of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, a Mediterranean style lager boasting a refined flavour profile and aromatic notes that tingle on your tongue and incite a sense of effortless luxury.

Since 1846, Peroni has highlighted Italy’s dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship and innate flair on the world stage, bottling the country’s premium qualities and pandering it to those looking to elevate the everyday.

Brewed from luxe Italian ingredients like Nostrano dell’Isola maize, a specialty blend hailing from the north, this crisp beer, and aperitivo hour in general, is a love letter to the euphoric Italian lifestyle that’s captivated the world’s heart.

Bring A Taste Of Local Trattorias To Your Dinner Parties
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There’s much to say about the Italian lifestyle, however, one element that is inextricably linked with the culture is its appreciation and adoration for food. Spaghetti alle vongole! Piccata di pollo! Tagliata con Rucola!  Italians have a passion for local, seasonal ingredients and know how to sling up innovative and mouth-watering dishes that satisfy every appetite.

While there are countless chefs who can guide you to dishing up lust-worthy Italian meals in the kitchen, elsewhere in the home provides countless opportunities for emulating the Italian aesthetic, specifically the dining room. Bringing a touch of a local trattoria to your home extends beyond throwing a red-and-white checked tablecloth on at the last moment. It’s all about setting the mood and creating an ambience that will transport your dinner guests straight to the rocky cliffs of Portofino, canals of Venice or rugged hills of Tuscany.

We’re not suggesting you begin curing and dry-aging prosciutto and salami around your living room as you would find in any quality Italian restaurant, but focusing on minor details like heirloom-inspired crockery, rustic candles and colourful tablescapes that rival the high-octane, year-round vibrance that Italy is synonymous with.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, one year-long traditions that permeates every fabric of the Italian way of living is the art of indulging in a social tipple. During your dinner parties, opt for the Peroni Nastro Azzurro to enhance your table setting with an additional touch of luxury and inimitable Italian style.

Once the table is cleared, continue the festivities by embracing the Italian tradition of sinking digestifs, alcoholic beverages designed to be served post-eating to aid with digestion. Because if Italian’s live every moment to the fullest, why shouldn’t you? So, regardless of the occasion, reaching for your nearest bottle of Peroni Nastro Azzurro throughout your meal is the most effortless way to add an elevated Italian touch to your life.





Elevate The Everyday With A Touch Of Sartorial Style
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Mediterranean locals have perfected the effortlessly elegant trans-seasonal sartorial uniform. Although each area of Italy has its own innate style and aesthetic, from the tailored-to-perfection coats sported around Milan to the relaxed resort wear worn on the beaches of Sicily, the Italian aesthetic is a proven source of infinite year-round inspiration.

As a region, Italy is known for its high-quality fabrics, innate artisan eye and handcrafted quality that is—more often than not—the result of multi-generational fashion houses.

When it comes to fashion mastery, Italians have proven their prowess time and time again, with the signatures of Italian design interchangeable with the very codes of luxury. Taking pride in your appearance is a necessary requirement for living like an Italian, having inimitable style will naturally follow after that.




Embracing Italy’s unique style and sensibility in your everyday life is made easier with Peroni, Italy’s number one beer. Bottling effortless Italian style and brining it to the world for nearly two centuries, Peroni is poised to elevate every moment.