Credit: Nintendo

Japanese video game giant, Nintendo are ready to grow its empire. Back in early February, it was announced that the company would open its first flagship at the Shibuya Parco Building in Tokyo. With a store already in New York, the expansion will see its empire grow, starting with a new army of creatives. This week, Nintendo updated its recruitment page as it brings on new graduates. Interested yet?

To ensure you won’t be going in blind, the company shared some key details and perks of the job and is seeking everything from music producers to international sales management to game developers, with a goal to hire 81 new graduates directly out of school. This will add to the already strong cohort of 2,271 employees. In terms of salary, the average income is allegedly ¥90.3 million JPY (approximately $80,000 USD), but grads can expect to make ¥258,000 JPY each month (approximately $2,310 USD). Its workers tend to stay in the company for an average of 13.5 years which is considerably high when compared to turnovers seen in many other fields.

Day-to-day work is said to be 7 hours and 45 minutes with an hour lunch break tacked on. Like the standard holiday count here in Australia, employees enjoy four weeks of leave each year and weekends. Bonuses are awarded in June and December, and raises are scheduled annually during the month of April, according to Nintendo.

Applications are open for 2020 now, so if you fancy employment abroad for a while, check out the process here.