Credit: Instagram @kaws

Seen in miniature, on top of buildings, emblazoned across clothes and in art galleries across the globe, KAWS has become one of the most recognisable artists in popular culture with his unique cartoon characters. In collaboration with AllRightsReserved, the brainchild and artist behind the creation, Brian Donnelly is now doing one better on himself with the creation of his biggest Companion yet.

Taking to the city of Taipei, Taiwan, the American artist has unveiled his largest outdoor project, titled “KAWS:HOLIDAY”. What was first leaked in its final preparations more than 10 days ago has now become a reality with visitors flocking to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to see the enormous masterpiece, spanning a huge 36 metres.

While its not possible to walk away with the actual sculpture, the exhibition will be accompanied by a range of limited edition collectible KAWS products, including three miniature companion replicas, a set of four ceramic plates, five T-shirts, and three tote bags.

Images of the sculpture have been flooding social media, juxtaposing the traditional culture of Taiwan with modern art. If you can get to the city, we suggest checking out KAWS:HOLIDAY before it disappears.