Credit: Gianmarco Magnani

“What has happened to The Bride since then?”. It is the question many fans have asked of the Kill Bill franchise since the release of Vol. 2 in 2004. Marking one of Quentin Tarantino’s most celebrated films to-date, it has been 15 years since its initial release but in a new interview we could finally have an answer as the brilliant filmmaker hints at a forthcoming film.

Following tremendous success with his most recent film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood of which is already nabbing award nominations left, right and centre, the 56-year-old sat down with radio host Andy Cohen to reveal the news.

“I just had dinner with Uma Thurman last night,” Tarantino said. “We were at a really cool Japanese restaurant. I do have an idea of what I would do with [‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’]. That was the whole thing, conquering the concept. What has happened to The Bride since then? And what do I want to do?”

Looking to heroine ‘The Bride, played by Uma Thurman, the first two films follow the character as she wakes up from a coma with a mission to destroy the assassins who betrayed her. In true Tarantino style the film is bloody and exciting and earned the lead actress Golden Globe nominations in 2003 and 2004.

“I didn’t just want to come up with some cockamamie adventure. [The character] doesn’t deserve that,” Tarantino went on to explain. “The Bride has fought long and hard. I have an idea now that could be interesting. I still wouldn’t do it for a little bit. It would be at least three years from now. It is definitely in the cards.”

Adding further confirmation, the director has made it clear that he won’t have another film before ‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’ comes to fruition. The question should then look to the rumoured Django/Zorro sequel and whether that is still in the works.

“What I did when I wrote ‘Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood’ was, normally I finish a script and we go and we open up offices, but I had more to do,” the director said. “I had more stuff in me. So I pulled it off and I wrote a play and then I wrote a five-episode TV series. To some degree or another, I’ve kind of written what I’m going to do for the next three years,” he added. “And then after that, I’ll get around to what the next movie will be.”

If anything, it appears Quentin Tarantino will be very busy for the years to come.

Stay tuned for further developments.