Louis Vuitton
Louis 200 lets you go on a quest with LV mascot Vivienne as she looks for a bangin’ birthday destination. Image: Courtesy Louis Vuitton.

August 4, 1821. Louis Vuitton, the man destined to shape the aesthetic of travel and luxury, was born. August 4, 2021, the French Maison pays tribute to their founder in true Vuittonian fashion – iconic.

A collaboration of art, technology, colour, games and history, Louis Vuitton have announced the celebrations for the birth of their founder will take a two pronged approach. A game that reimagines the journey of Louis’s life, leaving the family home in France’s Jura region at the age of 14 and his quest to reach Paris. And the 200 Louis – a collaboration with 200 artists who will imprint their own visions and creativity on a wooden box, the dimensions mirroring the very first trunk designed by Louis Vuitton in the 1850s and the building block of his future empire.

The Louis Vuitton trunk has become a symbol of the luxury of travel. Not just from a material perspective, but also in the personal enrichment that comes from adventure and seeing the world outside of our bubbles. The 200 Louis project takes this symbol back to its beginnings – a simple box, measuring 50 x 50 x 100 – and gives this blank canvas to 200 artists, thinkers, writers and fellow visionaries to interpret in their own mediums.

Louis Vuitton
200 Louis – a celebration of the birth of Louis Vuitton. Image: Courtesy Louis Vuitton

A skate-boarder, a poet, an astronaut, a dancer, an activist, a drag queen; Peter Marino, Gloria Steinem, Frank Gehry, celebrity astrologer Susan Miller, BTS and even LEGO – the variations of creativity know no bound, much like the boldness of Louis back in his youth when he legged it to Paris at the ripe young age of 14.

Which brings us to the game. Louis 200 – Louis The Game lets you go on a quest with Vivienne, Louis Vuitton’s most famous (and adorable) mascot as she seeks to reach, you guessed it, a birthday destination. Of course, there’s a few obstacles and objectives that will crop up – collecting monogram candles and keys to the next level. Also included is the collection of 30 NFTs, including 10 designed by digital artist Beeple.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton’s mascot Vivienne is your game companion. Image: Courtesy Louis Vuitton.

The fact that the legendary founder of the French Maison is a Leo shouldn’t surprise anyone – luxury is the cornerstone of the fiery star sign. Today, it’s so embedded into the DNA of the brand that the Frenchman founded that the monogram itself has become synonymous with our perceptions of quality and finesse. So from one Leo to another, I say – bon anniversaire Louis!