Credit: Instagram @magnusjuliano

Three weeks into 2019 and the internet is already home to several viral sensations. Think #FijiWaterGirl, @World_record_egg and now this guy – introducing, Magnus Juliano. Blowing up Instagram, the 27-year-old rapper and graphic designer has captured the attention of the fashion world, all while sporting Louis Vuitton braids.

Just days into the new year, Juliano took to Instagram where he gave birth to his new found fame, with box braids weaved with colourful beads and monogrammed charms inspired by the French fashion house monogram. “Hey @virgilabloh can I earn an internship? I have ideas!”

According to reports, the initial idea came to the Ohio local in June, last year, but the design intricacy was a lesson in trial-and-error. “I failed in production a few times, so I had to keep restarting again and again,” he told Vogue. “It was discouraging and I almost walked away from it, but [fortunately] I regrouped.”

Juliano looked to Eat Crow Studio – a 3D printing studio cofounded by his former college professor – as well as collaborating with hairstylist Ciera Jackson to bring life to the design.

This isn’t the first time that the graphic designer has experimented with his braids, looking to crystals, pearls and more recently lego for a rebrand on his personal style.