Just when you thought that Marvel might have been slowing down after a showstopping year of TV series, films, press and trailer drops, the people, once again, shall bow down to the gods of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for delivering yet another promising action-packed series: Moon Knight.

While Moon Knight’s heroics are in question (is he a hero or villain?) what we know is that Oscar Isaac will star as Marvel’s newest superhero, and we’re all for it. But after watching the trailer for the new six-part series (below), it’s fairly obvious that this won’t be your regular MCU series. Moon Knight is a definite genre shift for the MCU, looking somewhat darker, grimier and scarier than its Phase Four counterparts in Hawkeye, WandaVision and Loki.

Here’s what to expect from Moon Knight:

What’s it about?

Isaac plays Steven Grant, a mild-mannered, humble gift shop employee who becomes stricken with blackouts and memories of another life. As we follow his mental torment, it’s uncovered that Grant has a severe case of dissociative identity disorder, sharing a body with a mercenary, Mark Spector. Spector, an ex-military soldier, has all the skills needed to kill – but also those that can prevent the bad guys from killing.

And of course, as with every Marvel spectacle, there’s always a bad guy. This time, it looks to be Ethan Hawke’s obscure and chillingly sinister Dr. Athur Harrow (an alleged massive villain for MCU’s Phase Four initiatives), who influences Grant/Spector to become who he’s truly meant to be: Moon Knight. For good or for bad, we’ll just have to wait and see. All we know is that the trailer ends with Moon Knight brutally beating a guy up on a bathroom floor…

Moon Knight

Hero or Villain?

While Moon Knight won’t be joining the Avengers ensemble (for now), and his judgment and morality are often clouded by his struggle with his mental disorder, Moon Knight looks to be a good guy… we think.

Moon Knight was first introduced in the horror comic, Werewolf By Night, as a villain tasked with capturing a vigilante. Additionally, the Egyptian god, Khonshu – which proves to be the source of Spector’s powers – represents a god of vengeance and justice. Whether this will impact how Moon Knight deals with his foes/friends/allies is yet to be seen.


Moon Knight will charter a new path in the MCU, unlike other Disney Plus series that has always remained relevant to Marvel Studios of pre-2021. New characters, new storylines, new villains – there’s a lot to unpack. But, as with any Marvel series or film, there’s always a tie-back; always a connection. So, although navigating a new Marvel world, there have been whispers that Moon Knight will potentially connect itself to the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

We know that the upcoming Thor will feature a fight between the Gods (Russell Crowe is playing Zeus whilst Christian Bale will be playing Gorr the God Butcher), and the whole premise of Isaac’s Moon Knight sees him potentially thrust into a war between the gods.

Moon Knight will also inaugurate a slew of new MCU series to be delivered to Disney Plus this year, including ‘She-Hulk’, ‘Ms. Marvel’ and a second season of the animated series, ‘What If…’

Moon Knight will premier on Disney Plus March 30.