Credit: Twitter @MarvelStudios

We know, we know. For some, the thought of another #10yearchallenge post is enough to spark mass eye-rolls, but before the infamous internet challenge can wrap up, Marvel Studios has joined the bandwagon for an awesome flashback. Celebrating Iron Man’s 10th anniversary last year, it seems fitting that the original Avengers cast receives an honourable mention ahead of the Endgame cinema release.

Taking to Twitter, the film company displayed each character’s transformations side by side. Including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye as well as Nick Fury and Phil Coulson for Captain Marvel, it seems that a decade has done them all justice as they move towards the final Avenger battle in the coming months.

With over 15,000 retweets, some fans took it upon themselves to provide their own character comparisons. Some hilarious. If you haven’t watched Infinity War however, then there may be some spoilers below.