Two favourite words in the fashion dictionary are limited and edition, which is exactly what you’re about to get from the latest collaboration between Moscot and urban lifestyle brand Saturdays NYC. The duo have come together to create an updated version of Moscot’s iconic The TOMO model.

Moscot and Saturdays NYC.

The TOMO has become one of Moscot’s most popular styles due to its subtle wrap-around design, making it ideal for sport and activities to prevent glare from all angles – a natural choice for the partnership with Saturdays NYC which has built its aesthetic around the skate and surf scenes. Into the nitty gritty of the design details, the TOMO SUN are made from acetate with a wrap-around frame front featuring three dot rivets, unique bevelling and no exposed hardware, paddle temples with grips, a saddle bridge, and real seven-barrel hinges.

The TOMO in black.

On a more subtle note, the name of this style speaks to something deeper. In Japanese, tomo is the word for friend – a nod to the alignment between both brands their shared values says Chief Design Officer and
5th Generation, Zack Moscot.

The TOMO by Moscot x Saturdays NYC. Image: Moscot.

“The partnership was sparked as a celebration of New York centric brands representing active city culture. This was a natural fit given the similarities of the brands and our customers who appreciate our craftsmanship, heritage, and true New York narrative.”

New York-based eyewear brand Moscot already sets a high bar when it comes to the kind of low key cool sunglasses. Founded in New York at the turn of the 20th Century by Hyman Moscot, who sold ready-made eyewear to Manhattanites from a pushcart, the brand has gone on to become synonymous with New York style – one that perfectly marries function with form to create styles that are comfortable and practical.

Moscot and Saturdays NYC.

To partner with Saturdays NYC, a similar brand that has its roots in the streets of New York where it was founded, feels like a no-brainer. Inspired by the surf and skate scenes, Saturdays NYC has cemented itself as one of New York’s essential lifestyle brands – one that reflects the city’s pace and vibrancy.

If you’re keen on getting yourself a pair of Moscot x Saturdays NYC The TOMO styles, act quick. Only 150 pairs of the collaboration will be available from the Moscot and Saturdays NYC website. When they describe it as limited edition, they’re not messing around.