Definitely Maybe outtake 1994 / Credit: Michael Spencer Jones, Supplied

By now (and for the unknowing Gen Z’s reading the screen) you’d be familiar with Lennon Gallagher. The coming-of-age fashion prodigy, stepping away from his music roots to pursue a life in front of the camera. The aforementioned roots come from his father, Liam Gallagher, a spitting image of his offspring and like the child-star, he too found a spot in the limelight fronting English rock band, Oasis. Formed in Manchester in 1991, the four-man group is best known for timeless hits “Wonderwall” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger” and it wasn’t until 2009 that they split. The era of ’90s rock is hazy, high-octane and pulsating with some of the most popular music in modern history. Celebrating 25 years since the release of debut album Definitely Maybe in 1994, Masterplan 25 – Michael Spencer Jones – Iconic & Unseen Photographs of OASIS will arrive to h Club London.

Liam Gallagher, Columbia Hotel 1994 / Credit: Michael Spencer Jones, Supplied

It is the apt location for such an event – did we mention it’s free?! Known to the local and visiting creative community, h Club in London’s Convent Gardens has become home to an extensive curation of artwork, and during November, up until mid January next year, it will pay homage to rock royalty. Featuring never-before-seen photography, commentary and memorabilia, the exhibition will showcase artwork from three of Oasis’ earliest and most influential albums; Definitely, Maybe (1994), What’s The Story (1995) and Be Here Now (1997) with scenes re-created giving visitors the chance to create iconic poses. Visitors will also be able to view original artwork from a selection of Oasis’ singles including Supersonic (1994), Live Forever (1994), Cigarettes & Alcohol (1994), Whatever (1994), Some Might Say (1995), Roll With It (1995), Wonderwall (1995) and Don’t Look Back In Anger (1995).

Be Here Now At Night 1997 / Credit: Michael Spencer Jones, Supplied

Through the lens of celebrated photographer Michael Spencer Jones, commentary will be supplied by the visionary and include an array of stories from on the set of famous shoots. The exhibition will delve into these covers, giving visitors a look behind-the-scenes and on to the set of all the shoots for the legendary Oasis album and single covers.

Spencer Jones, however not only created the artwork that came to define Oasis, he also travelled extensively with the band and captured them on tour, backstage and on days off. His work is a unique insight into the workings of one of the greatest rock’n’roll band’s of all time.

Liam Monnow Valley Studios 1994 / Credit: Michael Spencer Jones, Supplied

“I am delighted to be exhibiting my work with Oasis at h Club London, especially the shots and artefacts fans will never have seen before. Seen from the digital matrix in which we now live, Oasis were the last gasp of air in the analogue age; the last great rock’n’roll band before Zuckerberg, before iPhones and before the internet began to shape and control our lives,” the photographer said in a press release. “I hope this exhibition gives fans a chance to pause and reflect and look back upon a time when the face and image of Britain was being revolutionised from below.”

If you find yourself in London Town, you can view Masterplan 25 from Friday 22nd November 2019 through to Sunday 12th January 2020 at h Club London, free entry. For more information, visit here.