Credit: Wono Kim

Celebrating 18 years, New Zealand Fashion Week held in Auckland and founded by former model agent and editor, Dame Pieter Stewart has campaigned for the local fashion and beauty industry since inception. The week is critical to the success of the New Zealand fashion industry enabling designers to showcase and promote their collections to hundreds of local and international media, buyers and influencers at the iconic ANZ Viaduct Events Centre.

This year, ICON was right in the heart of it, with street editor Roberto Malizia front row. It was a pleasure to attend and watch first-hand the calibre of designers coming out of the region. From emerging designers to established heavy weights, from street-grunge to earthy looks, these are the brands Roberto thinks are killing it.   

Twenty-Seven Names 

Designed and created in New Zealand, Twenty-Seven Names is a premium brand with environmentally friendly values in mind. Like the Swedish fashion house Acne, the local brand boasts soft aesthetics and cuts, along with easy-to-wear colour and prints. Street wear gets a softer approach.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Stolen Girlfriends Club is the brain child of three guys, Marc, Dan and Luke, created back in 2005. In the 13 years since its founding, the local brand has grown to  provide pieces not normally found in the general market place. The looks are a confident mix between punk and rock, the label for the party animal who can pull off swag.

Not For You Contemporary Salon

There is not normally a brand I would wear head-to-toe on the daily – but in this case I’ll make an exception. Finally I’ve found a new streetwear label with an identity, that is straying away from the copycat business of the big business. In my opinion, Not For You is one to watch. 


Hailing from the Australian city of Perth, Salasai was founded in 2006, off the back of designer Kirsha Whitcher. Taken off-site for a unique showing, I loved this label for its well-known aesthetic of bold prints, earthy inspired colours. Boasting super smooth, relaxed tailoring.

Cover Image: Not For You Contemporary Salon NZFW Michael Ng/Getty Images