The history of Nike spans back over 54 years, and in 2016 saw its founder and CEO Phil Knight step down, moving into retirement. During that year, Knight wrote the New York Times best seller “Shoe Dog”, a memoir into his life and time at Nike. Now, Netflix has been optioned the film rights to turn his story into a biopic.

Similar to the book, the documentary will retrace the story of how the entrepreneur gave life to the biggest global empire in history, starting in 1963, with only a fifty dollar loan from his father.

“I look forward to working with my friend, the great Frank Marshall, in bringing my story and the story of Nike to the screen. I have been gratified by the reception my book has received and think that we can explain my journey and the story of Nike to an even larger audience in collaboration with Netflix.” Phil Knight

The documentary is expected to be in top form, with screenplay writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, produced by Oscar-nominated Frank Marshall and directed by Scott Alexander. Stay close for updates on releases and sneak peeks.