Holy Moonwatch! The global watch community is in a frantic panic this morning with the first look at the highly-anticipated Omega x Swatch collaboration. And rightly so!

If you’re not up to date with the news, here’s the deal. Swatch and Omega have come together for an unprecedented, innovative take on the legendary Speedmaster Moonwatch. It’s the first time in history that the coming together of two legendary watch brands has occurred, and it’s a major deal for the Swiss watch industry as they look to attract a new and younger demographic.

It’s genius. It’s considered. And it appeases every #Speedy fan’s appetite.

“This collaboration has happened in a very natural way,” says Swatch Group CEO, Nick Hayek Jr. via Revolution.

“There are so many collaborations in the world right now. But two brands from the opposite end, one being a street brand like Swatch and the other an upscale, high-end brand like Omega, it was always going to be fun to work together, especially around the bioceramic material.”

The Omega x Swatch collaboration is, at its core, a great democratisation of something so unique and so cool that, realistically, anyone can own one of these timepieces; if you don’t have 10K to drop on an original Omega Speedmaster, this is the next best thing!

It’s also cool to note that a collection of this type is unprecedented; it’s never happened in the watch world. While you might regularly see high-end fashion brands collaborating with mass retailers to make their product more accessible (think YEEZY x Gap, Uniqlo x J.W. Anderson, Versace x H&M, etc), this is a first for the watch industry.

What results is a beautiful rendition of a faithful classic that is incredibly affordable, incredibly cool, and incredibly well-made.

Each of the 11 variations celebrates the original Omega Speedmaster, as well as a different planet in the solar system. Cases are made from the Swatch patented bioceramic material, which is not only eco-friendly but extremely affordable. Bioceramic is made from a combination of zirconium and bio-sourced plastic – both light and incredibly hardwearing.

The MoonSwatch is a faithful celebration of the original Omega Speedmaster, revealed to the wearer in so many different ways. Firstly, they are the same size as the Moonwatch – 42mm in diameter and 13.25mm thick. The hands and hour markers are identical and sport Super-LumiNova. And even the tachymeter insert has a dot over 90. The bezel is perfect and the stepped dial is a standout at this price point.

All 11 coloured dials feature the Omega x Swatch branding, the iconic Speedmaster logo and the new MoonSwatch logo. A closer look at the glass construction also reveals the “hidden” ‘S’ integrated into the centre of the crystal. The circular pattern on the dial’s outer ring and subdials bring a refined touch to the design, complementing the sharp and smooth lugs construction.

On the caseback, each is inscribed with Bioceramic MoonSwatch, including the integrated words to inspire: ‘Dream Big – Fly High – Explore the Universe – Reach for the Planets’. The MoonSwatch is finished on a Velcro strap that feels utilitarian – indeed like something you’d find on an astronaut heading into space.

Omega x Swatch

The 11 new dial colours are incredible, also. Expect a bright sun yellow (Mission to the Sun); deep grey (Mission to Mercury); pastel pink (Mission to Venus); earth green (Mission to Earth); fiery red (Mission to Mars); classic beige (Mission to Jupiter); sandy-brown (Mission to Saturn); airy blue (Mission to Uranus); deep navy blue (Mission to Neptune); cool grey (Mission to Pluto); and of course, traditional steel-grey (Mission to the Moon).

“Omega’s long and distinguished history may have been cut short if it weren’t for the vision and the courage taken by Swatch. The MoonSwatch collection salutes the saviours of our industry in a witty and accessible way. The Swatches are perfect for budding Moonwatch fans, and I can’t think of a more appropriate icon for our shared project,” says Omega CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann via Revolution.

“We went to the moon, now we’re exploring the whole Milky Way. They’re great watches, in fantastic colors, and they make me smile – it has the Omega Speedmaster spirit!”

The only conflict with this Omega x Swatch collaboration? Which colour will you choose…

Technical Specs

Movement: Quartz
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph
Case: 42mm; Bioceramic
Dial: Various colors
Strap: Spacesuit-ready Velcro strap
Price: CHF 250
Availability: The Omega x Swatch Speedmaster is only available in selected Swatch stores as of March 26.