Ah, Awards Season: The very event that brings out the best and worst in people is once again Down Under and on today’s occasion, the annual ARIA Awards are bringing the best of Australian music into one room. With nominees announced just over a month ago, the countdown for the night is almost up and soon, The Star overlooking Sydney’s Darling Harbour will light up as guests file into the theatre.

What could go wrong? Well…

While the event continues to be a resounding success – ever since its humble beginning in 1987 – it’s often what happens on the red carpet and on stage that becomes the most memorable. Often, fans sitting at home would not even notice the antics that happen on and off camera, so thanks to the internet, we thought we’d bring back the greatest (and most outrageous) moments from years gone by.

The time triple j impersonated some of australia’s best ARTISTS

Let’s start with the most recent and best. Last year, Australia’s radio show, Triple J came up with an ingenious idea. Find eerily similar looking listeners and have them dress up like musicians. Including Meg Mac, Kevin Parker from Tame Impala and Adam Hyde from Peking Duk, the crew walked out onto the red carpet greeting fans and fellow artists. All recorded, no one suspected a thing – until they ran into their doppelgänger.  Watch it below.


Throwing it back 19 years, this may only be something our parents and older siblings would remember, but nonetheless it will continue to go down in Australian television history. At the height of Maddison Avenue’s career, the electronic music duo performed on national television. We can thank frisky costumes, awkward camera angles and dance moves for this one.

a breach in red carpet etiquette

Back to something more recent, it had been 12 years since Axle Whitehead had flashed his penis on the red carpet. And after a quiet decade of no nudity at the ARIA’s, someone thought they’d give it ago – namely, Australian musician Kirin J. Callinan. Sporting a kilt, aviators, hat and vest, he thought he’d give viewers something extra, not that we needed it.

Of course, the incident was picked up by national media and this man will never live that down. Scroll at your own risk.

Credit: Splash News Australia

Silverchair’s political statement

As one of Australia’s favourite rock bands, 2006 saw the ARIA’s stage come to life with a heated performance from the group. What is usually quintessential to the aesthetic of the group, quickly became an awkward political statement. During their cover of Midnight Oil’s “Don’t Wanna Be The One”, leader Daniel John finished up the performance by grabbing spray paint and tagging that Peter Garrett should be our Prime Minister. You be the judge.

Tame impala’s “debutt” album

Don’t get us wrong. Jessica Mauboy is the darling of Australian music, but nerves get the best of us and will always be recorded on the internet. In 2010, clearly nervous, Mauboy got tongue tied when announcing Tame Impala’s debut album – not once but twice, pronouncing it how it looks rather than how it should be said.

We still love you!

Jessica Mauboy at the 2010 ARIA Awards. Credit: Wire Image

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