Palace Gucci – Milan meets London. Image: Gucci.

From the streets of London to the viali of Milan – the latest collaboration from Gucci is an exercise in contrasting sensibilities as the Italian brand partners with skate label Palace to create a capsule collection for Gucci’s experimental concept space, the Vault.

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele worked with Palace Skateboard co-founders Lev Tanju and Gareth Skewis to develop a range that ensured a seamless synthesises between the two identities – Milanese finesse and the raw energy of English streets – into a cohesive, complimentary collection.

The collection will be available exclusively from Gucci Vault.

Compiling iconic details from both brand’s archives and heritage pieces, the Palace Gucci collection is a fun mesh up that is both nostalgic yet directional in its vision. Overlapping Gucci and Palace logos signify a literal overlap of the brands and while several hero pieces – a Palace Gucci-branded Moto Guzzi, the leather motorcycle jacket and even a Palace Gucci GG-P Supreme Conforti safe box – will have ardent fans frantically hitting refresh and add to cart, the most fun occurs when the blur the lines a little more deliberately. Retro-print t-shirts that lose the traditional fonts. A studded, tie-dye sweatshirt in acid green. Technical jerseys that pay homage to the both home nation’s love of football and the uniform of urban experience.

The collection will blend a street sensibilities from both brands. Image; Gucci.

There’s no doubt that the Gucci under Michele has taken the concept of the brand’s heritage of Italian sophistication ie just a little showy in the best possible way and is determined to run with it as far as he possibly can. Streets as a cultural nexus have always held a fascination for brands – it’s here where they discover the reality of the clothes they make and how the people where them – and partnering with a brand like Palace is a masterstroke move by Michele to ensure Gucci’s clout as a brand for the youth.

The collection will be available online from October 21st at 9pm via Gucci’s other current experiment, the Vault. A blend of archive, digital interactive space, art space and retail experience, the Vault occupies a crossroad for the Gucci experience – a place where the company can flex its creative muscle beyond its own branding. A perfect location for the Palace Gucci partnership.