Global warming has nothing on the temperatures reached by thirsty Paul Mescal fans this week when the Irish actor appeared in the latest campaign for the iconic Gucci Horsebit 1953 loafer. It was, as they say, a moment.

The short shorts? The rakish lounging across multiple chairs? The stylist knew what they were doing.

Paul Mescal, Gucci

With its inception in 1953, the Gucci Horsebit 1953 loafer instantly transformed the world of footwear, seamlessly merging sophistication with comfort. At its core is a distinctive design – a dainty double-ring horsebit elegantly linked by a bar – an iconic feature that has become synonymous with Gucci, bridging the gap between heritage and contemporary fashion.

Through the passing decades, the Gucci loafer has evolved into an indispensable component of one’s wardrobe, effortlessly blending Italian artistry, the American outdoor spirit, and the timeless British equestrian aesthetic.

This legendary Horsebit 1953 loafer encapsulates Gucci’s rich history, transcending generations and standing as a paragon of Italian design excellence and grace.

Paul Mescal, Gucci

For the fervent followers of Mescal’s fashion journey, they’ll recall that it all began with a simple silver necklace. How far we’ve come from there, with his debut campaign for Gucci that captures the brand’s preppy wearability.

The equestrian-style loafer, distinguished by its gold horsebit hardware, remains an enduring symbol of the brand. Mescal’s looks throughout the campaign reflect a fusion of everyday outfits, each elegantly reimagined with Gucci’s unique fashion-forward touch.

Paul Mescal, Gucci

Under the artistic direction of Italian designer Sabato De Sarno, Gucci has returned to its minimalist origins, providing the perfect canvas for Mescal to showcase his first collection. His down-to-earth charisma and capacity to elegantly carry off cropped tees and shorter trousers add a touch of flair to the campaign.