And just like that, we have another world record for the thinnest mechanical watch to be produced. This time, it’s not Bulgari, nor is it Piaget, but in fact, Richard Mille, who presents the RM UP-01 Ferrari.

At just 1.75mm in thickness, the ultra-thin timepiece edges out the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultrra by a gargantuan 0.05mm, a mere months after its title-claiming release.

Extremely limited to just 150 timepieces, the Ultra-flat RM UP-01, together with Ferrari, combine innovation and performance, strength and aesthetics for a watch that is “ready for being worn under any circumstances.”

Make no mistake, this is a watchmaking feat almost beyond belief. To be able to craft a movement so thin is simply remarkable. Even in an age of watchmaking where movements and casings are getting smaller and thinner with each release, the determination of the Les Breuleux-based independent watchmaker to craft a watch with absolute flatness, that isn’t a concept watch but actually wearable and practical, is truly an impressive feat.

So how is such an achievement accomplished, you ask?

Well, to guarantee perfect flatness without compromising strength, the baseplate and skeletonised bridges of the watch have been crafted from grade 5 titanium – the primary material source thanks to its lightness and resistance to the elements. To reduce the thickness of the calibre, Richard Mille has patented an ultra-flat escapement with a variable-inertia balance in titanium, an extra flat barrel fitted with an extraordinarily-fine hairspring, and have transferred the hands directly to the wheels.

What’s truly impressive about this piece, however, is that the watch – and its movement – retains a traditional architecture, in that the movement is assembled within the case (enclosed within a case back), rather than a construction that sees the movement double up as a baseplate. This feat ensures total shock resistance, no matter the circumstance. So, say you’re Charles Leclerc – a long-time ambassador for Richard Mille – and want to wear this during a race, you very well can thanks to its capability to withstand accelerations of more than 5000 g’s.

Robustness personifed.

The RM UP-01, together with Ferrari, is the culmination of years of work, and over 6000 hours of development in laboratory testing. And as mentioned, it’s incredibly practical. The skeletonised movement offers a power reserve of 45 hours, the watch itself is incredibly comfortable to wear (weighing in at under 30g) and it’s made to be worn on the daily.

Richard Mille teamed up with Ferrari in 2021, driven by a shared quest for perfection. Today, RM UP-01 Ferrari marks a milestone achievement in this budding relationship with the creation of an exceptional ultra-flat timepiece. This piece truly is ‘A Racing Machine On The Wrist‘.

The Richard Mille UP-01 Ferrari is limited to 150 pieces and will retail for a mind-blowing US$1,888,000 (AU$2,771,742).