Credit: Ernesto Ruscio / Getty Images

From new independent film company, Solstice Studios, comes the terrifying and haunting thriller of Unhinged starring Russell Crowe. This week, the trailer was finally unveiled for the film with an ambitious goal possibly making it the first cinema release since lockdowns begun in late February. According to Deadlinethe film studio is planning a wide US release from as early as July 1.

Hollywood and local film industries from around the globe have felt the full affect of the current pandemic as it forced the halting of production as well as the closure of cinemas – meaning the box office was making zero profit. But as restrictions begin to ease in several countries – including a controversial decision from parts of the United States – the possibility of theatres reopening in the coming weeks and months is very real.

With new health guidelines in place, Solstice has said that an internal poll found 80 percent of 1,000 people questioned would attend a cinema from July. Whilst Unhinged was originally slated to drop from September 4, the pandemic has caused big film productions such as A Quiet Place Part II to push back its timings for a similar date, meaning the competition between the two thrillers would be fierce at the box office.

“We would get killed if we stayed [on that original release date],” Mark Gill, CEO of Solstice told media. “The whole idea is not to be somewhere where you can get run over by a super tanker.”

The question remains as to whether the proposed date will in fact be viable. Just hours after the report from Deadline, Los Angeles announced it would continue the lockdown period throughout July. Some states such as Texas are lifting laws and restrictions which will include cinemas.

In addition, it will also be opening in other areas of the world including Australia, China, Germany, South Korea, and Spain by late June or July.

Watch the trailer below.