Following his successful debut of satire political show “Who Is America?”, Sacha Baron Cohen’s second episode aired yesterday, shedding the light on another unsuspecting politician. This time, Georgia Representative Jason Spencer has been disgraced as he performed a number of cringe-worthy actions, even showing his bare bottom on national television.

Episode 2 focused on Cohen’s alter-ego, anti-terrorist expert Erran Morad, while he taught Spencer a range of “techniques” to identify a terrorist that wears a burqa, and how to scare a kidnapper away that could potentially be ISIS. Under Cohen’s instructions, Spencer went on to take photos of a lady between the crotch, screaming the N-word, and using his bare bottom in an attempt to make his captor gay, (yes that happened).

Rep. James Spencer spoke out against the latest episode. “It is clear the makers of this film intended to deceive me in an attempt to undermine the American conservative political movement,” he said, adding that he has “sought legal counsel.” But if indeed he was “tricked”, it begs to ask the question… Why is someone that stupid, in politics, let alone running an entire state? We’re surprised he hasn’t lost his job yet.

The remainder of episode 2 not shown in the above clip, consists of Cohen posing as a hyper liberal introducing the plans for a new mosque in a small, rural Arizona town. He’s greeted with blatant racism, hatred, and one man saying that’s worse than having n-words in town.

There are five episodes left, so stay tuned for more outrageous scenes.