One major trend of men’s fashion week this year was performance wear, and if there was a shining star in the front row, it is sunglasses. Technical sunglasses. Designed for cyclists, snow sports and everything in between, the sportsman’s choice of shades has been adopted by fashion community – even if you don’t have a sporting bone in your body.

Whether its purely for looks or you’re looking to protect your eyes from the elements, scroll below for everything you need to know.

What to look for in technical sunglasses:

Before you get overly excited there are a couple of things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of technical sunglasses. From frame shape, lens type and material, pay close attention to the details so you walk away the best style possible.

Material Often overlooked when jumping in to style is paying attention to the material. Dependent on your needs, if you’re looking for a more functional pair of sunglasses for sporting purposes, you’ll want something lightweight and shatterproof. If you’re simply after looks, the options are endless for experimentation.

Lenses Whilst the colours on a pair of technical sunglasses is what has earned its street style appeal, the real deal sportswear brands usually have different colour lenses dependent on visibility needs. So make sure those super purple shades aren’t going to reduce your sight.

Shape The wrap around frame of technical sunglasses defines them, and although the styles remain quite similar, there are a few variations out there. Firstly, there is the choice of double or single lens. Single-lens glasses provide an undisrupted panoramic field of vision, but they tend to cost more.

Then, you’ll also have to pay attention to the option of full-frame or half-frame. In full-frame, the frame is all around the lens, holding it securely in place. Meanwhile, half-frame models feature a band across the brow from which the lens is suspended.

The best brands for technical sunglasses


Founded by Jim Jannard as he sold ergonomic handlebar grips to motocross riders from the back of his car, he was quietly building himself an international sports empire. Now, Oakley is the go-to for high-performance sunglasses, goggles and extreme sports apparel. What’s more, the brand worked with Palace on a capsule collection, proving that sportswear is well and truly high-fashion.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL / $225 AUD SHOP NOW


Not exactly known for its sporty aesthetic, Ray-Ban still pull through with the “Predator”, and although its one of the only sportier styles from the brand, they are perfect for the person who wants to cop the trend but still stay under the radar.

Ray-Ban Predator 2 Black / $185 AUD SHOP NOW


As a globally recognised sportswear firm, its no wonder its sunglasses make the list as the best technical frames on the market. Fully functional and with a large range of styles, there is a pair for every athlete and streetwear fan. Take note of the product details so you grab a pair that will serve your needs.

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Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Mykita is known for its quality and cult eyewear. Not missing out on the game, the brand is pushing the design boundaries with a range of technical sunglasses, and while they aren’t quite functional, they will sure give you the full look.

Mykita Bernard Willhem x Mykita ‘Xaver’ sunglasses / $572 AUD SHOP NOW


Founded in 1988, UK based company Bloc, have been producing well-priced eyewear for years. Not compromising on quality nor design, not only do its sunglasses weigh up against high-end brands, they are up to 50 percent cheaper than its competitors.

Bloc Daytonna XRW60 Sports Sunglasses / $39 USD SHOP NOW

Rudy Project

Founded in Italy by Rudy Barbazza in 1985, Rudy Project is one of the leading companies in performance eyewear. Looking to athlete feedback to produce its glasses, innovation and quality is at the forefront, making it one of the best sunglasses to cop if you’re a serious sportsman.

Rudy Project Rydon Sunglasses / $289 AUD SHOP NOW


Experts in luxury sportswear, Italian label Moncler borrows its name from the French alpine town Monestier-de-Clermont, so it is fitting that they excel in technical wear. There sunglasses also live up to the name, and are perfect for street or snow. 

Moncler ‘Blanche’ Sunglasses / $401 AUD SHOP NOW


Another obvious inclusion would have to be German sports powerhouse Adidas. With a range of shapes and styles available, Adidas will cover you for almost any occasion, be it trail running or your daily commute. Technical but also easy on the eye, its worth considering these for your next purchase.

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Cover Image: Instagram @yslotis