Does anyone ever really need a reason for some new sneakers? Or maybe even six new sneakers? It’s a new season, new month and plenty of new opportunities to be had that don’t involve leaving home for the foreseeable future…

There’s a case to be made that sneakers are the new art. Wearable art, at that. Sneakerheads covet models and obscure details so specific that entire threads dedicated to dissecting their importance and relevance can rival Marcel Proust’s elephantine whopper Remembrance of Things Past.

So you could say that, with each new pair, you’re technically making an investment that has the potential to increase in value over time. And their much more fun than Bitcoin, that other hot-topic investment gimmick that just dry up without any warning.

But not shoes. And not sneakers. Sneakers are forever.

Here Forthwith then are six key investments to be made. Buy wisely, dress better.

New Balance x Casablanca
New Balance x Casablanca. Image: New Balance.

New Balance x Casablanca

If you’ve not heard of French brand Casablanca, you’ve been missing out. It’s pure country club. It’s martinis and Antonio Carlos Jobim playing in the background. This limited edition run of the Casablanca XC-72 from New Balance is the shoe summers are made of. Available in two colour combinations and perfect for to wear while sippin’ on a Pimm’s. Price: $250 from New Balance

Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent “Andy”. Image: MR PORTER.

Saint Laurent “Andy”

Saint Laurent’s knack of giving even the simplest items a chic twist is unparalleled. Take the Andy sneaker. A smart low-top for everyday? Sure, but make it snakeskin. Even with the return to trend of functional sneakers like Asics below and New Balance above, a classic low-top remains an understated must-have for everyday ease. But thanks to Saint Laurent, that doesn’t have to mean mundane. Price: $825. From MR PORTER.

Asics Illuminate Gel-Kayano
Asics Illuminate Gel-Kayano. Image: End Clothing.

Asics Illuminate Gel-Kayano

Bringing back the best of the late ‘00s, the Illuminate Gel-Kayano by Asics is both a functional masterpiece and a form that’s plain fun. Built for performance, you’ll be hard pressed to find a sneaker that’s more comfortable. Price: $219. From End Clothing.

Maison Margiela Tabi. Image: FarFetch.

Maison Margiela Tabi

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Margiela’s Tabi line are an iconic shoe. Divisive, 100 per cent. Ugly, maybe. But iconic, yes. Now in a sneaker format, this is a more subdued and, admittedly, comfortable vibe. Stitched monogramming on the side also helps take the edge off with a more casual touch. Price: $562 from FarFetch.

Reebok x Prince. Image: Reebok

Reebok x Prince

If we were spying a trend this spring in sneakers, it’s the push for styles that combine the best of leisurely pursuits – relaxed and active. Reebok’s collaboration with tennis brand Prince brings a Pendleton at Wimbledon vibe – luxury sportif. The collaboration is a bright, vibrant addition to the classic Reebok silhouette and comes in two colourways, both unisex and going up to a size 13. The first drop will arrive online on September 10 so set your calendars. Price: $160 from Reebok.

Air Jordan 4 Retro 'Lightning' 2021
Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Lightning’ 2021. Image: GOAT.

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Lightning’ 2021

GOAT has quickly become one of our favourite sites for the best sneakers around the world. Especially new updates on old school kings like the Air Jordan. The Lightning 2021 brings back a colourway that was first seen in 2006, inspired by Michael Jordan’s Motorsports team. If you missed out on them then, or simply miss them, here’s your chance to make it up to yourself. Price: from $250. From GOAT.