Skims, Nick Bosa, Kim Kardashian

Let it be said Kim Kardashian knows how to drive the media circus, with the new campaign for her Skims collection for men headed by NFL player Nick Bosa, Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. and NBA ace Shai Gilgeous-Alexander going viral for multiple reasons. Most good, some not so good.

Skims, the shapewear label with a global cult following designed by by Kim Kardashian, will be officially taking the leap into menswear from October 26 with a men’s collection packed with essentials, featuring boxers, briefs, tees, undershirts, tank tops, and leggings.

For those not familiar, Skims was unveiled by Kardashian in 2019 alongside her partners in fashion, Emma and Jens Grede. Their mission has always been about embracing diversity, catering to varying skin tones, body shapes, and ages. It’s all about celebrating every body, and now, they’re carrying this spirit over to the gents. The new collection is accessible to a wide audience, covering sizes from XS to 5X and feature three fabric choices: cotton, stretch, and compression.


Kardashian has expressed her excitement about this new chapter, emphasising the brand’s commitment to all-inclusive solutions. She remarked, “The expansion into the menswear arena is a significant milestone for the brand, reinforcing SKIMS’ devotion to providing answers for all.”

According to Kardashian, the idea for the men’s line came from customer demands. Skims shoppers have long been clamouring for men’s products, and this collection has been in the works for three years.

The brand is making a statement with an impressive lineup of male sports stars promoting the collection. Names like Brazilian football sensation Neymar Jr., NBA ace Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and NFL defensive standout Nick Bosa are leading the charge.


And here’s where it gets sticky because it seems that people still haven’t figured out that the internet is forever. Despite his attempts to scrub all evidence, Twitter/X and Instagram users have quickly uncovered a slew of racist and homophobic content attached to Bosa. In one Tweet, Bosa called fellow footballer and Black Lives Matter activist Colin Kaepernick “a clown”.

In the words of one X user, well this milkshake ducked quickly.

Turns out Bosa is also a big fan of Donald Trump. You know, the dude currently facing a mountain of legal battles that include an attempt to overturn an election and fraud being just two of the smaller ones. In an interview, Bosa has been recorded saying how much he dislikes Beyoncé’s music because it’s too political but supports Trump. “Yes, big fan,” he said. “He brings a charisma to the table [unliked] no other candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. I think we need change.”

Perhaps this was something that Bosa and Kimberley bonded over after she recently spent her birthday celebrating with none other than Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. Kourtney would never. (And she didn’t, because apparently Kourtney opted out of attending Kim’s birthday party.)

In subsequent interviews, Bosa has openly admitted to scrubbing his social media clean. Not because of any perceived learnings surrounding the use of racist or homophobic slurs as no apology came along with that, but purely because of the fact he was about to be drafted by the 49ers in San Francisco.