It’s now week something something into lockdown and for most of we’ve finally reached the point where we’re googling “how to cut your own hair”. We could say to you “you’ve made it this far” but honestly, that’s probably the point. You’ve made it this far. Now you’re beginning to resemble your uncle who has questionable opinions on things like vaccinations and aliens.

Give yourself the ol’ Eddie Scissorhands at home. Image: YouTube.

Before we, and our hair, was forced into an extended lockdown the average man would visit his barber every two weeks. Three at most. While daily routines are definitely easier when it comes to shorter hair, the difference in length, texture, and thickness between one cut and the next is distinctively noticeable. Especially if you’re used to sporting a fade so sharp you could exfoliate your calluses while you shampooed it.

But before you take this last resort path however, now might be the time to embrace a more rugged, leonine approach to your hair. All it takes is the right product, says Jack The Barber founder Sean Cassar.

“Firstly, we want men to embrace their inner ‘rogue’ and have some fun experimenting with their look while at home,” says Cassar. “Rogue is vogue! Without being able to visit our barber brethren to tame our locks now is the time to invest in products and tools to keep things in order and perfect your personal grooming regime at home.”

This doesn’t mean an entire barbershop of product but investing in several key items will make the growing out phase much easier.

First step, Sisley’s Hair Rituel Fortifying Serum. This is a miracle in a bottle. One your girlfriend or partner can share with you. Filled with proteins and and vitamins, this helps your hair stay stronger and keeps your scalp healthier.   

Secondly, pick a good leave-in hydrator. Especially as your hair gets longer, these are ideal for helping to keep it under control and softer. Sachajuan Styling Cream is our pick. No fuss packaging, smells clean and remains super lightweight.

For extra-duty control, Cassar recommends a malleable fibre.

“Our Jack The Barber Fibre is your go-to when you need that slightly stronger hold for longer hair length, with natural matte finish and light texture.”

Never underestimate the power of a bowl and some scissors. Image: YouTube

Of course, if this hasn’t changed your mind and you’re still on track to give yourself a haircut in lockdown – then read on, intrepid gentlemen. 

Zach Russell, Master Barber and Senior Hairdresser at Sydney’s go-to grooming destination for the lads The Barberhood, warns that, no matter how many of your sister’s (or your own) Barbies’ heads you shaved as a kid, cutting your own hair is different ballgame entirely.

“First of all, think to yourself about how important your hair is to you,” says Russell. “Is it worth the risk of coming off second best with a pair of kitchen scissors? Or shaving a bald spot in the side of your head? And if you are going to do it, make sure you have fun because these times are tough.”

Still on track to give yourself a haircut in lockdown? Then read on, intrepid gentlemen. 

Russell first of all recommends sticking to the simple stuff, like the sides.

“I would say if you have some small trimmers try tidying up the sideburns and the back of the neck, this will make you feel less scruffy immediately.”

Then, very slowly, start by trimming the tiniest amounts, bit by bit.

“Be patient, start by cutting a small amount and work your way shorter. Just like in the shop you can cut it off but you can’t put it back on. “Use two mirrors if available, to be able to see the back of your head properly. And if using scissors, try to cut on an angle rather than a straight line so it looks more natural.

“If you do end up ruining your hairstyle, try something else. You might reinvent yourself.” 

When we do end up getting out of this lockdown and you find yourself in desperate need of a follicular fix, at least you know The Barberhood can fix the damage.

Sisley Hair Rituel’s Revitalising Fortifying Serum. Image; Supplied

The Treatment

Sisley Hair Rituel’s Revitalizing Fortifying Serum $260 from Sisley Paris.

Jack the Barber Hair Fibre. Image: Supplied.

The Product

Jack the Barber Fibre $15 from Jack The Barber.

Sachajuan Styling Cream. Image: Supplied.

The Second Product

Sachajuan Styling Cream $45 from Sachajuan.

SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo. Image: Supplied.

The Shampoo

SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo $44 from The Barberhood.

aveda men pure-formance™ conditioner. Image: Supplied.

The Conditioner 

aveda men pure-formance™ conditioner $44 from Aveda.

Wahl Cordless Super Taper Professional Hair Clippers. Image: Supplied.

The Clippers

Wahl Cordless Super Taper Professional Hair Clippers $229 from The Barber House.

Mason Pearson Junior Nylon & Bristle Military Brush. Image: Supplied.

The Fixer

Mason Pearson Junior Nylon & Bristle Military Brush $250 from Men’s Biz