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“What’s your birthdate? And what’s your place and time of birth?” It’s this question that us millennials are usually faced with nowadays but while cultural phenomenon of analysing your birth chart is often an in-depth process, there is a quicker and easier way to get your monthly astrology fix. In partnership with renowned celebrity astrologer Chani Nicholas, Spotify has launched its Cosmic Playlists.

Informed by the expert, Chani will deliver twelve carefully curated playlists through astrological readings to determine the sign’s theme of the moment, accompanied by an on-mobile reading. Each of the twelve unique playlists is curated with songs and artists whose music reflects and evokes those themes.

“When a song resonates with you, it might feel really personal, like it’s speaking about your own experience. But it’s also speaking to a huge, broad audience. When there’s something collectively going on where a song resonates for a lot of people, it’s the same way that a horoscope will speak to the archetypal themes of the moment,” notes Chani.

Launched overnight on Sydney’s picturesque harbour, guests were treated to star sign themed cocktails, food and opportunities to look at the skies above through a set of telescopes. Tunes were delivered by Flex Mami and Australian sensation Jack River. Now available on Spotify Australia & New Zealand, the new offering was first launched in the US earlier this year and since has been highly requested Down Under.

Search your star sign on Spotify now, and tune into the beats reflected from this month’s mood.