It’s official: Squid Game, the most-watched TV series in Netflix history – with over 1.65 billion hours viewed in the first 28 days of the title’s release – has been given the green light for an official season two.

We all knew it was coming. After the unprecedented success of the Korean thriller, which saw its main actors Hoyeon Jung and Lee Jung-jae become overnight global sensations (and the face of countless collaborations), it wasn’t a matter of if but when Netflix would announce season two.

It seems the Masked Men await.

Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk for Netflix, the director’s 12-year project finally came to fruition in 2021. In a letter written to the show’s fans, Dong-hyuk says

“It took 12 years to bring the first season of Squid Game to life last year. But it took 12 days for Squid Game to become the most popular Netflix series ever. As the writer, director, and producer of Squid Game, a huge shout-out to fans around the world. Thank you for watching and loving our show.”

“And now, Gi-hun returns. The Front Man returns. The man in the suit with ddakji might be back. You’ll also be introduced to Young-hee’s boyfriend, Cheol-su.”

If you are yet to watch Squid Game and don’t really understand its cultural appeal, do yourself a favour and binge watch its nine episodes this weekend. For those that have seen it, we all know that at the heart of the series is a dystopian-like landscape that sees 100 financially-burdened individuals pitted against each other in order to win a life-changing cash prize. Each episode, the ‘contestants’ of Squid Game face a lineup of terrifying and brutal childhood games, where players are fatally eliminated until there’s one left standing.

While season 2 is currently being written, we suspect it will involve a return to the ‘Squid Games’ for the main characters, like last year’s winner, Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae). Hwang can confirm that there will be familiar faces returning next season, in addition to a brand-new character. The killer doll for nightmares won’t be returning, however viewers will be introduced to her ‘boyfriend’, Cheol-su.

As for ‘the man in the suit’, Hwang teases at his return. There’s something telling us that his role will be infinitely more significant in season 2.

And if the craze for the all things Squid Game wasn’t enough, it would seem that Netflix are taking it a step further by initiating an official Squid Game-themed global reality competition series of their own, with a cool $4.56 million up for grabs.

Would you enter?