Credit: Swatch

First appearing in the short film, Steamboat Willie in 1928 – one of the first with sound – Mickey Mouse has gone onto become one of the most recognised and loved cartoons in history. Turning 90 years old in 2018, a slew of licensed collaborations and Disney partnerships have hit the market – but none much more iconic than this.

Teaming up with famous contemporary artist Damien Hirst, Swatch has paid tribute to the character with two limited-edition watches, designed by the British creative. Both bearing Hirst’s signature and co-branding, each design is available in limited quantities.

The first, coined the “Mirror Spot” features a mirrored dial, plastic case, quartz movement, and yellow-and-red strap design and will be available in all Swatch stores tomorrow – limited to 19,999 pieces.Released on Mickey’s actual birth date, November 18 (a fact for trivia night), the second edition called “Spot Mickey” will be limited to just 1,999 pieces and will be exclusively available online for just 24 hours, boasting a more simple design with a block yellow and red strap and black face.

The collection was revealed last night in Shanghai at the Swatch Art Piece Hotel, where Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti spoke on the partnership: It was a great moment of Swatch energy: Mickey made us all feel like children again, with a twist! Thanks to the amazing work of Damien Hirst, celebrating an icon of many generations with style and a touch of humour.”

Mark your calendars and stay close to the computer as we can expect these limited-edition timepieces to sell-out quickly.