Prada continues their sustainability efforts with the release of a new crop of Re-Nylon goods in collaboration with adidas that will be arriving on January 13.

Prada, adidas
Prada Re-Nylon x Adidas. Image: Prada

The collection will combine both the Prada triangle and three-stripe motif of adidas Originals Forum in a series of athleisure garments that includes sweats, accessories and bucket hats.

More structure than your usual sweats yet also softer in nature than Prada’s more architectural designs, the capsule hits the right balance between the codes of both brands

Each piece has been made in Italy, composed of the brand’s signature, infinitely recyclable Re-Nylon fabric.

It’s basically your dream rave kit circa 1993 and yes it is safe to say I want it all.

Prada, Adidas
PLUR. Image: Prada

But jokes aside, what this new chapter in the partnership between Prada and adidas does is continue to elevate the concept of everyday or athletic garments into a more rarified arena of fashion.

Streetwear as a genre is a misnomer – all clothes are streetwear the minute you step outside.

Both brands occupy two sides of the same coin – clothing that functions to enhance the body’s movement or interactions with its surroundings.

Both brands express this with technical fabrications and silhouettes – adidas through athletic fits and Prada reimagines the functional wardrobe.

The Re-Nylon element adds yet another layer to the collaboration. Since the project was officially launched in 2019, Re-Nylon has become a key part of Prada’s messaging around fashion and waste.

Using upcycled and salvaged materials – plastic waste collected from oceans and textile fibre waste – Re-Nylon can be purified and recycled indefinitely. 

The collection combines a perfect balance between the codes of both brands. Image: Prada

This celebration of Re-Nylon through the capsule collection underscores a landmark: the shift of the entire Prada production from virgin nylon to Re-Nylon, achieved by the end of 2021.

Because we now live in the metaverse there’ll also be a digital level to the experience. 

The two brands are also set to celebrate the inherently innovative spirit of their latest collection with a unique digital activation, bringing brands and people together in a radically inclusive manner. Collaborative by nature, fans of the collection will be invited to participate in the metaverse with adidas and Prada through open-source co-creation.

The Re-Nylon x adidas collection will be available in stores and online at Prada and adidas from January 13.

Turn up the gabber and leggo.